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Publication date: 24 Jul 2023

On a monthly basis, 3S.INFO gathers for you a selection of the top sporting events that will draw the attention of millions of fans around the world. In August 2023, viewers can expect a lot of significant competitions in football, chess, esports and racing! A sports bet and winnings can make watching even more interesting! Therefore, prepare ad campaigns in advance to attract new users to betting sites more effectively.

The most popular sports: football, tennis, chess

August always marks the start of something important in the football world: it is the month of the UEFA Super Cup, after which the European football season opens. In the Super Cup, the Champions League and Europa League are played. In 2023, Manchester City and Sevilla will compete for the UEFA Super Cup title. 

UEFA Super Cup 

  • When: 16 August; 
  • Where: Karaiskakis Stadium (Greece).

As well, the FIFA Women’s World Cup continues in August with the women’s national teams. 

FIFA Women’s World Cup

  • When: 20 July – 20 August;
  • Where: Australia, New Zealand. 

The end of summer is also always associated with major tennis tournaments such as the Rogers Cup and the US Open. The US Open is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments that captures the attention of millions of tennis fans around the world.  

2023 Canadian Open Tennis Tournament (Rogers Cup)

  • When: 4-13 August;
  • Where: Montreal, Toronto (Canada).

2023 US Open Tennis Championships (US Open)

  • When: 28 August – 10 September; 
  • Where: New York (USA).

The Chess World Cup continues in August. For almost the entire month, the attention of fans of the sport will be focused on this major event.

Chess World Cup 2023 

Important esports events in August

ESL Pro League Season 18 for CS:GO will take place in a round-robin format, where everyone will play all teams in their group (four groups of six teams). The group leaders will meet in a playoff. The prize pool is $850,000. 

CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 18 Tournament

  • When: 15 August – 24 September; 
  • Where: Malta.

12 esports teams will compete for a trip to the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2023 and BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023, as well as a cash prize of nearly $180,000. The CS:GO Esports Tournament sponsored by Intel, where 24 teams will battle it out for a prize pool of $1,000,000.

CS:GO IEM Cologne 2023 tournament 

  • When: 25 July – 25 August;
  • Where: Germany.

Ball games: volleyball and basketball

August is also rich in volleyball events. In the last summer month, the European Volleyball Championships for men and women and the U19 World Championships kick off. 

2023 Men’s European Volleyball Championship 

  • When: 28 August – 16 September;
  • Where: Italy, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Israel.

2023 Women’s European Volleyball Championship

  • When: 15 August – 3 September; 
  • Where: Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Italy.

2023 FIVB Volleyball Boys’ U19 World Championship

  • When: 4-13 August;
  • Where: Argentina.

2023 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U19 World Championship

  • When: 1-11 August; 
  • Where: Croatia, Hungary.

The 19th World National Team Basketball Championships will start at the end of August and run until the end of the first decade of September. 32 teams will participate in the tournament and showcase their skills at the best basketball arenas in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. 

2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup

  • When: 25 August – 10 September; 
  • Where: Japan, Indonesia, Philippines. 

Racing: bets on speed

In August, Formula 1 will delight us with its spectacle just once at a round in the Netherlands. There will also be motor racing in other parts of our planet during the month with the Rally Finland and the English race Silverstone Festival. Rally Finland has been organized since 1951. It is a large-scale event in Northern Europe, which is attended by hundreds of thousands of spectators. In addition, the Silverstone Festival also draws a large number of people who appreciate not only motorsport, but also retro cars. 

Rally Finland 

  • When: 3-6 August; 
  • Where: Jyväskylä region, Central Finland. 

Dutch Grand Prix

  • When: 25-27 August; 
  • Where: Zandvoort, Netherlands.

2023 Silverstone Festival

  • When: 25-27 August; 
  • Where: Great Britain.

2023 UCI Road World Championships

  • When: 5-13 August; 
  • Where: Scotland, UK. 

This is the 90th road cycling world championships. It will be the fifth time in history that Great Britain has hosted this event. The total length of the men’s group distance is 271 kilometres. The size of the individual men’s time trial race is almost 48 kilometres. 

Vuelta a España 

  • When: 26 August – 17 September; 
  • Where: Spain. 

La Vuelta is a multi-day road cycling event. It’s one of the three significant grand tour events, the success of which is especially valued. The race starts in Barcelona and finishes in Madrid. Throughout the route, athletes will pass 21 stages. The length of the route is 3154 kilometres. 

Athletics events in August 2023: what to bet on?

Several major athletics events will be held in August. These include the European Championships, the World Championships, as well as the Diamond Leagues in Shenzhen and Zurich.  

2023 Shenzhen Diamond League

  • When: 3 August; 
  • Where: Shenzhen, China.

2023 European Athletics Championships

  • When: 7-10 August; 
  • Where: Israel.

2023 World Athletics Championships

  • When: 19-27 August; 
  • Where: Hungary.

2023 Zurich Diamond League

  • When: 31 August; 
  • Where: Zurich, Switzerland.

Choose your event, select offers, get connected and direct traffic!

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