European Speed Skating Championships

Publication date: 19 Dec 2023

About the European Speed Skating Championships

The European Speed Skating Championships are annual speed skating events organized by the International Skating Union (ISU). Competitions are held at 500 metres, 1000 metres, 1500 metres, mass start, team race, team sprint, as well as 3000 metres for women and 5000 metres for men. The champion is the winner of this distance.

2024 European Speed Skating Championships

The next European Speed Skating Championships will take place from 5 to 7 January 2024 in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Skaters from 45 countries will compete, including Russia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Italy, Canada and the USA. The main contender for victory is the Dutch team, which has dominated speed skating in recent years. Team Netherlands includes such stars as Sven Kramer, Ireen Wüst, Jutta Leerdam, Femke Kok.

History of the competition

The first European Speed Skating Championships were held in 1893 in Stockholm, Sweden. Until 1970, only men participated in the competition. It was only since 1990 that the men’s and women’s championships began to be organized at the same time. Currently, in odd-numbered years the championships are held in the classical and sprint all-round events, in even-numbered years – in individual distances.

Competition results for the last three years

Year Venue Winners
2023 Hamar, Norway Men’s medallists: 

gold – Patrick Roest, Merein Scheperkamp

silver – Sander Eitrem,Hein Otterspeer

bronze – Bart Swings, Marten Liiv 

Women’s medallists:

gold – Antoinette Riipma-de Jong, Jutta Leerdam

silver – Ragne Wiklund, Femke Kok

bronze – Marieke Groenewoud, Vanessa Herzog

2022 Heerenveen, Netherlands Men:

500m – Piotr Michalski (Poland)

1000 m – Thomas Krol (Netherlands)

1500 m – Kjeld Nuis (Netherlands)

5000 m – Patrick Roest (Netherlands)

Team pursuit – Marcel Bosker, Sven Kramer, Patrick Roest (Netherlands)

Team sprint – Merijn Scheperkamp, Tijmen Snel, Kai Verbij (Netherlands)

Mass sprint – Bart Swings (Belgium)


500m – Femke Kok (Netherlands)

1000 m – Jutta Leerdam (Netherlands)

1500 m – Antoinette Rijpma-de Jong (Netherlands)

5000m – Irene Schouten (Netherlands)

Team pursuit – Antoinette Rijpma-de Jong, Irene Schouten, Irene Wust (Netherlands)

Team sprint – Karolina Bosiek, Angelika Wójcik, Kaja Ziomek (Poland)

Mass sprint – Irene Schouten (Netherlands)

2021 Heerenveen, Netherlands Men’s medallists: 

gold – Patrick Roest, Thomas Krol

silver – Marcel Bosker, Hein Otterspeer

bronze – Sverre Lunde Pedersen, Joel Dafter

Women’s medallists:

gold – Antoinette Riipma-de Jong, Jutta Lerdam

silver – Irene Schouten, Angelina Golikova

bronze – Martina Sáblíková, Femke Kok

2025 European Speed Skating Championships

According to preliminary information, the next competitions will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, from 20 to 26 January.

The European Speed Skating Championships is one of the most prestigious competitions in this sport. It brings together the strongest speed skaters from all over the world to compete for the title of European Champion.

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