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Affiliate marketing

A type of online marketing in which a person promotes other people’s goods and services and is rewarded for certain actions performed by users (s)he has delivered. How did it all begin? Read about the history of affiliate marketing.

API (Application Program Interface)

API (Application Program Interface) is a set of tools and functions in the form of an interface, through which programs and applications interact with operating systems, websites or social networks. Thanks to this technology, different companies can exchange data with each other. In other words, it is code that allows different websites or applications to pass data to one another without your involvement. Without such a tool, it would be impossible to submit a product order or make an online payment.

Where is API technology used?

APIs are typically used to connect a service to a program or server. For example, quick registration with a social network account. An application may use the API of a social network to give the user simplified access. The service sends a request using the API, which allows it to obtain all the data required for identification. The user does not have to enter their email, make up a password, confirm and remember these details as with a standard registration. All they have to do is click the button for the chosen social network.

How is API integration used in affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, the API can be used to simplify the transfer of information from point A to point B. Typically, an API configuration is a few lines of code where you write down the specific characteristics you need to pass to the affiliate server. In case you are working with landings from an affiliate network, everything is already set up there. The API will need to be taken care of, if you change them or apply your own landing page. With API configuration, webmaster gets:

  • the ability to deliver traffic from different GEOs and do split tests;
  • test multiple funnels, offers, while URL might remain the same;
  • use an unlimited number of creatives;
  • change buttons, text, photos and other data at any time;
  • create a form to collect any information about subscription to push notifications, email, etc.

 In 3SNET you can access the API if needed.

What is API traffic and why webmaster needs it?

API traffic is a type of traffic which consists of two steps: a user performs a target action on the webmaster’s website and then this information is sent to the CPA network or directly to the advertiser. This allows the webmaster to collect the base effortlessly, rather than just forwarding the user through his site to the advertiser’s site.

For instance, you can get a list of VK groups in 1C and analyse them, or from 1C you can programmatically create ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct. Using VK, you can also get web analytics for a website.

To summarise, in simple words, API is like a communication language between different programs. Like, for example, a Frenchman and a German can speak English to each other.

In 3SNET network, API traffic is accepted on crypto and loan niches in Apileads, the service of automated lead purchase.

Don’t forget to check out the Knowledge Base at 3SNET to keep up to date with the most useful tools for your affiliate marketing operations!

A set of rules which specifies how various software components should interact. API enables effective communication between software programs which use each other’s features and resources. 3snet affiliate network accepts traffic via API.


A bettor is a person who is registered at a betting shop and places bets. Bets are usually placed on sports, but bookmakers are now increasingly providing bets on non-sports events: betting on cultural events, betting on TV games, betting on lotteries, betting on politics, betting on chess, betting on minigames and betting on poker.

3SNET contains offers from all legal bookmakers and online casinos in the CIS and the foreign market. Get connected and increase your profits!

For most bettors, betting is just entertainment and a way to whet their own interest in sports or non-sports events, although there are also those for whom the main goal is to make money.

Verification and identification of bettors

In many countries, players have to be verified. Verification or identification is a process of checking the user’s personal details and confirming their authenticity. Thanks to the procedure, bookmakers make sure that a new customer has specified his real name and age. Bookmakers have devised such a mechanism to make sure that the client is of legal age and to protect against fraudulent actions.

Responsible gaming mode

Responsible gaming in betting companies entails giving players the option of self-restriction. This may be the time spent on the betting shop’s website or app, limits on bets and deposits plus the possibility to isolte themselves temporarily or permanently from the game.

Betting is actively developing as more and more events, both sporting and political, cultural, financial and many more, fall under this term. So, a bettor today is anyone who bets on anything. Although it is not easy to become a professional at it, it is quite possible.


Welcome-bonus is a special offer from the casino or bookmaker that gives you an extra sum of money as a new player.  Such promotions also have another name as first deposit bonus. They come in two varieties:

  • registration bonus;
  • deposit bonus.

The main conditions for receiving a welcome-bonus

Welcome-bonus is quite simple to get. The main condition for this is to register on the bookmaker’s or casino’s website.

  • The registration bonus can be obtained after the bettor creates an account and verifies it. In the vast majority of cases, it is a free bet with wagering conditions.
  • The first deposit bonus is given to a player after making his first deposit. Generally, companies set minimum and maximum deposit limits. For example, if a betting company offers a welcome bonus of 10,000 roubles, you can make a deposit of 20,000 roubles or more, but the maximum amount of the bonus will remain the same.

Which Betting and Casino Companies offer welcome-bonuses?

If you are a newcomer, you don’t want to risk your money, so a welcome-bonus in the form of a no deposit free bet would be perfect for you. At 3SNET, you will find offers from casinos and betting companies that provide a welcome-bonus to their players.


GEO is the location of users, offers or traffic. If you intend to show ads to UK residents, then this is the GEO for you. In 3SNET network, you can send traffic to almost any GEO: South Africa, Brazil, India, Russia, Europe, Latam, Asia, Germany, Czech Republic, Georgia and many others.  If you have not found the desired GEO, simply contact your affiliate manager and we will promptly set up your affiliate offers.

What is Tier 1, 2, 3 countries?

All countries are divided into 3 groups (Tier).

  • Tier 1 stands for countries with high solvency and high living standards. Here are the biggest payouts on offers and the most expensive traffic. This group includes Belgium, UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, USA, Finland, France, Switzerland and others.
  • Tier 2 represents countries with lower middle-income per capita and developing economies. These are less competitive countries and the price of traffic is lower here. Among them are Brazil, Argentina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia.
  • Tier 3 refers to countries with low purchasing power, where cheap traffic is common. Profits can be made due to traffic volumes. Part of the former CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), India, Indonesia, Mexico and others belong to this group.

 Which GEOs are we interested in?

Read more:


Contests are a promotional tool used to increase brand recognition and attract new potential customers. The most common forms are:

  • Contests on social media on Facebook, VK, Telegram or other social media platforms;
  • Contests on a website that collect consumer information by using a collection form;
  • Email and SMS based contests that collect consumer information by email or text message.

How to get Traffic and Offers for Contests.

The main elements of a contest

The three main elements of contests are:

  1. Contests must be free – they must play on people’s emotions such as joy, fear, rivalry, only then will they be successful. The prize must be appropriate to the company brand and the taste of the customers.
  2. Contests should be short – people become more active when deadlines are approaching. Contests held over a short period of time allow for maximum engagement.
  3. Competitions should have an offer – they should give benefits or prizes. A few free places that give direct access to the second round will increase the demand for the competition. People will become more competitive to take advantage of this opportunity.

Advantages and disadvantages of contests

Some advantages are:

  1. The information gathered through contests is used for market research.
  2. Contests increase the quality of customer service and promote word of mouth advertising.
  3. This attracts customers and helps to increase the company’s fan base.

 Some disadvantages are:

  1. Customer indifference. A customer may simply carelessly fill out a form without paying much attention to the product provided by the promotion.
  2. People participate with the aim of winning a prize, so they don’t really remember the products of a particular company.

Look up the definition and meaning of other similar terms. The 3SNET knowledge base covers a large number of definitions and is constantly updated.


A lead is a person who has shown interest in a company’s products or services and has taken an action on the advertiser’s website (enquiry, registration, phone call, etc.). The lead is accepted when the potential customer has left contact information (name, phone number, email address, subscription, etc.).

How to generate leads?

There are many ways in which a business can access leads – advertising, direct mailings, referrals, informative blogs, content campaigns and so on. The steps in the lead generation process are as follows:

  • The visitor gets to know the business through one of the channels: he sees an ad, leaves an application on the advertiser’s website, etc.;
  • He clicks on the CTA (call to action) button on these channels;
  • He goes to the landing page;
  • The offer on the landing page catches the visitor’s attention;
  • The form on the landing page is completed by the visitor.

CPL is a payment form for a lead or potential customer who is interested in the product and has left his/her contact details.

And then the lead is received!

Loot Box

The Loot Box is a set of virtual items that can be used in games. It can be won by the player as a reward or purchased with real money. The contents can unlock special characters, equipment or “skins” that can change the appearance of something in the game or unlock access to new levels. The contents of a loot box are not known in advance and are chosen at random – it may or may not be something of value.

Loot Boxes are common in many games, including FIFA, Overwatch, Roblox and Mario Kart Tour, and although they are called differently depending on the game (loot box, loot/prize crate, also called “case” or “container”), the meaning is the same.

Nutra (Health & Beauty, Nutraceuticals, Nutra)

Nutra is a niche of health and beauty products. This includes dietary supplements for healing ailments, weight loss products, vitamins, sports nutrition, products to stimulate potency and cosmetic rejuvenation products.

Traffic sources for Nutra

Buying media on Nutra means directing traffic to the landing pages where the user is invited to buy a product. The traffic sources depend on the terms of the offer – usually Facebook, local social networks, push ads, native ads, organic traffic, TikTok, and teaser networks.

Models of working with Nutra in media buying

  • COD (cash on delivery) is delivery with payment upon receipt. The media buyer will get a percentage when the customer pays and receives the product.
  • Trial is a payment model where client leaves credit card details on the landing page. The affiliate program verifies their authenticity, and if everything is OK, sends money to the media buyer.
  • SS (Straight Sales) is a payment online when ordering a product. The media buyer receives a commission as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Nutra is a niche to which it is always profitable directing traffic. It is highly popular and reaches a wide target audience, as everyone desires to be healthy and beautiful. Find out more, How do affiliate programs in the Nutra category work?

Affiliate marketing pricing models

Schemes of money relations between the advertiser and the affiliate. The affiliate delivers the type of traffic required by the advertiser and gets paid for each new user who has performed a certain action.

  • CPA (Cost per Action) pricing model implies that the affiliate commission is paid for a single action performed by a user.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead) pricing model implies that the affiliate commission is paid for each lead delivered by the affiliate.
  • RevShare pricing model implies that the affiliate receives a percent of the profit.
  • CPI (Cost per Install) pricing model implies that the affiliate commission is paid for each install of an application or software.
  • CPM (Cost per Mille) pricing model implies that the affiliate commission is paid for 1,000 impressions.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a type of bonus from casinos and bookmakers, where the player receives a certain amount to his account in the form of a free bet. To get it, all you need to do is register at a bookmaker’s office and you don’t have to make a deposit. No deposit bonuses allow you to gamble and bet for free, but there are always conditions for their use and wagering: restrictions on quotes, betting only on specific outcomes or tournaments, sports.

Types of no deposit bonuses

There are several varieties of no deposit bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus is a bonus awarded to new players as soon as they register.
  • Promo code bonus. After entering a certain promo code, the player receives bonus money.
  • Bonuses for regular players for the next level and VIP-status.
  • For holidays and events. Bonuses given on birthdays, New Year, March 8th and other important dates as well as for participation in tournaments and campaigns. 
  • For referring a friend.

Why is no deposit bonus profitable?

No deposit bonuses are consistently popular with modern virtual slots and bookmaker betting. Why is it so attractive? The answer is simple: a no deposit bonus does not require players to invest their own money, which means there is a chance of getting money, but no chance of losing it. The main purpose of a no deposit bonus is to allow the player to try out a new game or gambling establishment’s features without making a deposit, and for a bookmaker or casino, such a bonus is a great way to attract many new players.

You will find plenty of gambling and betting offers from top bookmakers and online casinos at 3SNET, which offers attractive bonuses to players. It’s a great opportunity to increase your profits, join in!


Fraud is a type of scam that involves activities carried out in order to receive rewards from an affiliate network by deception. Fraudsters use a variety of methods to mislead affiliates into paying affiliate commissions that they are not supposed to pay. This can be done by sending undesirable traffic to a landing page or by using bots. However, there may be considerably more schemes.

How does fraud work?

Affiliate fraud takes many forms, the best known of which are:

  • Spamming via email.
  • Redirecting traffic from an affiliate site to a scam site.
  • Fake clicks or referrals.
  • Illegal transactions – making purchases using stolen credit card credentials or registering fake identities.
  • Website cloning which is copying websites and content from real advertisers to mislead potential customers by confusing them and directing traffic to the wrong site where the conversions ultimately take place.
  • Fulfillment of tasks from buxes (services of cheating), performing tasks for money (incentive traffic). By offering pennies for fulfilling the terms of the offer, the media buyer receives a generous payment from the Affiliate Program.
  • Scheme traffic. Media buyer gathers an audience and tells them how he wins at the casino using different schemes.

Fraud is very detrimental to affiliate marketing: it results in companies paying huge amounts of money for low-quality traffic that leads to neither conversions nor revenues, and severely damages the reputation of the CPA network.

The 3SNET CPA Network doesn’t work with any type of fraudulent traffic. Read more: Why is fraud a bad thing?

Free Spin

A free spin is a type of casino bonus offered to new or regular players. The number of free spins is limited and they can be used at the slot machines.

Free Spin types: 

Casino free spin bonuses come in different types. There are quite a few and they can vary from one casino site to another. Nevertheless, there are three main types of free spin bonuses that can be distinguished, and they are:

  • Deposit Bonus. As the name suggests, this type of free spin bonus is available only after the player deposited cash into the casino.
  • No deposit bonus. The player is not required to deposit any money to receive the free spins. It is used to attract new players and is often suggested in the most popular casino slots.
  • Free Spins No Wagering. The winnings of such spins need to be wagered. Wager casino is specified as an odd. When multiplied by the size of the bonus, this figure indicates the amount the player must use to wager before cashing out his winnings.

Here’s a list of casinos with the best free spin offers for players:


What are utilities: 

Utilities are specialized programs designed to help you with auxiliary tasks. Utilities speed up your device, save energy, and offer a variety of mobile screensavers, antiviruses, file explorer, cloud storage and a launcher.

Utilities in media buying:

In media buying, offers on utilities refer to the Utilities niche.

Nowadays, utilities are well known programs commonly enjoyed by ordinary users, rather than exclusively tricked-out programs for programmers.  Utility usage has long gone beyond computer users and is now converting perfectly into mobile traffic in all regions. Any smartphone user can easily download and install them. Therefore, sending traffic to utilities is promising and lucrative.  Find out more about traffic and offers on utilities.

Hold period

A time which affiliate commission payout is delayed for as the advertiser is checking the quality of traffic delivered by the affiliate.

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