FIBA Women’s World Championship

Publication date: 10 Aug 2022

About the FIBA Women’s World Championship

The FIBA Women’s World Championship is held every four years. In 1976, women’s basketball was added to the Summer Olympic Games, and prior to that, the FIBA Women’s World Championship was the most prestigious tournament for women’s national teams.

2022 FIBA Women’s World Championship

The FIBA Women’s World Championship will take place in Sydney, Australia, at the Sydney Super Dome and States Sport Centre stadiums from 22 September to 1 October. Teams from 12 countries will take part. There will be 38 games played over the 10 days. The Australian team has gained entry to the championship automatically as they are the host of the event.

Official website for the FIBA Women’s World Championship

History of FIBA Women’s World Championship

The first tournament was held in 1953 in Chile, where Team USA won the championship. Team USSR did not yield its victory to USA from 1959 till 1976, becoming the only country to set a record by winning 5 consecutive World Championships titles. But from 1979 to present day, Team USA has been the leader in women’s basketball, with a total of 8 straight World Series victories to its credit.

Results of the FIBA Women’s World Championships

The year Venue Results/ Places
2018 Spain 1 – USA

2 – Australia

3 – Spain

2014 Turkey 1 – USA

2 – Spain

3 – Australia

2010 Czech Republic 1 – USA

2 – Czech Republic

3 – Spain


It won’t be long before we find out if Team USA will win again in the next championship, or whether there will be a new champion

Keep an eye on the dates of the FIBA Women’s World Championship and other events in our Sports events calendar

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