Where to direct traffic in September?

Publication date: 24 Aug 2023

September 2023 will delight fans from all over the world with interesting sporting events: UEFA Champions League, Asian Games, US Open, Basketball World Cup and many more. 3S.INFO has collected all significant sporting events coming up in the next month. Following the competitions is exciting, but it is even more interesting to bet on the victory of your favourite team. Therefore, an exciting match is a great chance to get new customers to the betting sites! Plan ahead and launch an advertising campaign to attract new users.

Football matches: what to watch in September

The FIFA Women’s World Cup came to an end in August. Meanwhile, in September fans will enjoy a super important event in the football world – the main stage of the UEFA Champions League in the 2023-24 season. The winner of the Champions League will face the winner of the Europa League in the 2024 UEFA Super Cup. It’s already known that this is the last championship in the current 32-team format. From the 2023-25 season, the tournament format will be adjusted. 

Main stage of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League

  • When: 19 September 2023 – 1 June 2024;
  • Where: European cities.

Multi-Sport Events: Asia and the Indian Ocean

The 2022 Asian Games will take place in September and will draw a huge number of people with its scale. Originally, the Asian Games were planned for 2022, but due to the pandemic it was decided to postpone the dates.  The Asian Summer Games will be held in China. The programme of the games includes 60 sports and athletes from 45 countries will participate in the event.


2022 / 2023 Asian Games

  • When: 23 September – 8 October.
  • Where: Hangzhou, China.

The 2023 Indian Ocean Islands Games (IOIG) will be held at the end of August and September. Hosted this year by Madagascar, teams from the Comoros, Maldives, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Réunion and Seychelles will compete in 17 sports. The closing ceremony of the games is scheduled for 3 September.

The 2023 Indian Ocean Islands Games

  • When: 23 August – 3 September.
  • Where: Antananarivo (Madagascar).

Tennis: USA Championships and Canada Cup

One of the major tennis championships, the US Open, continues in September. The tournament is held on the courts of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre. Athletes will meet in men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.  

US Open Tennis Championships

  • When: 28 August – 10 September;
  • Where: New York, USA.

Another tennis tournament that takes place 2 weeks after the US Open Tennis Championships is the Laver Cup. This is a men’s tennis tournament that features teams from Europe and the World Team (made up of players from non-European countries). 

Laver Cup

  • When: 21-24 September;
  • Where: Vancouver, Canada.

Ball Games: Volleyball, Basketball and Rugby Championships 

The European Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Championships will conclude in September. The 24 national teams will continue to compete for the best of the best among European countries. 

2023 Women’s European Volleyball Championships

  • When: 15 August – 3 September; 
  • Where: Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Italy.

2023 Men’s European Volleyball Championships 

  • When: 28 August – 16 September;
  • Where: Italy, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Israel.

In the first month of autumn, the Basketball World Cup will be continued with 32 national teams taking part. Quite soon it will be known whether Spain will be able to defend its championship title. 

2023 Basketball World Cup

There will also be the FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup in September. 

FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup

  • When: 5-7 September;
  • Where: Israel.

The X Rugby World Cup will be held in September and October 2023. 20 teams will be involved. This event is held once every 4 years and will delight sport fans with its spectacle.

2023 Rugby World Cup

  • When: 3 September – 8 October.
  • Where: France.

Racing: what to bet on in September

3 Formula 1 Grand Prix rounds will happen in September: the Italian, Singapore and Japanese Grand Prix. 

The Italian Grand Prix is one of the oldest stages in the F1 class and has been held continuously since 1921. The Singapore Grand Prix is famous for being the first and only F1 round to be held under artificial light. With the most agility, experience and skill required of the drivers, the Japanese Formula One stage is one of the most renowned.  

  • When: 1-3 September, 15-17 September, 22-24 September;
  • Where: Italy, Singapore, Japan.

As well, the Acropolis Rally and the Rally of Chile will also take place in September. 

Acropolis Rally 

  • When: 7-10 September;
  • Where: Greece.

Chile Rally

  • When: 28 September – 1 October;
  • Where: Chile.

The European Road Cycling Championships will be held in September. It is an annual cycling tournament that features men, women, girls and boys in individual and group races. 

2023 European Road Cycling Championships

  • When: 20-24 September;
  • Where: The Netherlands.

There will also be several stages of the UCI WorldTour: the Bretagne Classic, the Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec, and the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal.

  • When: 3 September, 8 September, 10 September. 
  • Where: France, Canada. 

What’s next? Choose an event and offers, get connected, launch an advertising campaign and direct traffic! It’s a profit!

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