Where to drive trafic in October?

Publication date: 26 Sep 2023

October will please sports fans with bright sporting events.  This means that there will be a great opportunity to attract new players to the bookmaker sites! 3S.INFO has prepared a list of the most prestigious and important sporting events in cricket, football and esports.

Cricket raises millions on betting!

Let’s start with the most exciting one! Cricket is the number one sport in India and has millions of fans all over the world. In October, the Cricket World Cup awaits the lovers of this sport. 10 strongest teams will participate in the competition, while the tournament will be held at sports stadiums in India. 

  • When: 5 October -19 November; 
  • Where: India. 

Football: where to place bets in October?

Several football leagues are finishing their current season in October. 

South American Football Cup (Copa América)

  • When: the ½ final will take place on 4 and 5 October, with the final match on 28 October.
  • Where: the final game will be played at the Centenario Stadium in Uruguay.

CONMEBOL Libertadores Femenina

  • When: the finals will be played from 14 to 21 October; 
  • Where: Cali, Bogotá (Colombia).

Kazakhstan Football Championship (Kazakhstan Premier League)

  • When: 1, 5, 21, 28 October;
  • Where: Kazakhstan. 

Russian Women’s Cup

Thanks to the past semifinal matches, it became known that in the final game CSKA (Moscow) and Zenit (St. Petersburg) will meet. The venue for the final match will be known later. 

  • When: 14 October; 
  • Where: Russia.

Esports betting: upcoming events

Several large-scale esports tournaments will delight their fans in October! 

The 12th Dota-2 World Championship (The International 2023)

  • When: 12-15 October (group stage), 20-22 October (playoff stage), 27-29 October (final stage);
  • Where: USA. 

Previously, this tournament was held in a completely different format. This year, the number of stages has changed. Therefore, 8 teams will start their battle with the group stage, during which it will be known who will reach the finals. 

Counter-Strike fans will also not be left without something interesting, because the next stage of the BLAST Premier tournament is coming. At the moment, the dates of the games are known, as well as the prize pool, amounting to $67,500. 

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2023

  • When: 3-8 October; 
  • Where: online. 

Games in Asia and the Americas. Which will draw more attention?

In October, the Asian Summer Games will come to a close, bringing together athletes from all over Asia. This major sporting event is the second largest after the Summer Olympics. The Asian Games schedule is so packed that athletes compete in different sports on a daily basis.  

Asian Summer Games 

  • When: until 8 October; 
  • Where: Hangzhou (China).

As well, the Pan American Games kick off in the second decade of October, with athletes from both American continents taking part. The exact number of participants is not yet known, but representatives from 41 countries have announced their attendance. 

Pan American Games 

  • When: 20-31 October; 
  • Where: Santiago (Chile).

Volleyball and rugby betting: 2023 competition

September marked the start of an essential volleyball event, the Centenary Cup, featuring both men’s and women’s national teams. The main stages will be completed in September, but the final match among the men’s teams will happen in the first week of October. 

Volleyball Centenary Cup 

  • When: 6-8 October (final match among men’s teams);
  • Where: Kaliningrad (Russia).

There will also be Rugby World Cup matches for almost the entire month of October. 20 teams will compete in several French cities. Most of the participants were determined by the results of the 2019 championship. The battle promises to be bright on emotions, since the strongest will face each other in it. 

Rugby World Cup 

  • When: till 28 October; 
  • Where: France. 

Racing: F1 and cycling

Throughout the year, Formula One delights its fans with colourful, emotion-packed races. October will be no exception, so Grand Prix fans can look forward to races in Qatar, USA and Mexico City. 

Qatar Grand Prix, US Grand Prix, Mexico City Grand Prix 

  • When: 6-8 October, 20-22 October, 27-29 October; 
  • Where: Qatar, USA, Mexico City.

The road cycling season is in full swing. There are still plenty of exciting and spectacular cycling races to come. Giro di Lombardia and the Tour of Guangxi are the world’s significant stages of the UCI World Tour. 

UCI World Tour Giro di Lombardia, Tour of Guangxi

  • When: 7 October, 12-17 October; 
  • Where: Italy, China.

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