Where to direct traffic in February

Publication date: 24 Jan 2024

February 2024 is the month of major sporting events, including the World Cup finals, the Super Bowl in American football and the All-Star games in hockey and basketball. All this is extremely attractive from a betting point of view, because spectacular events are a reason to place a bet and attract a new player to the betting site. 3S.INFO has prepared a list of the most interesting sports events in February 2024. Choose where to direct your traffic and start your advertising campaign now!

Football finals 2024

The first decade of February will be filled with exciting football finals: the AFC Asian Cup finals and the Africa Cup of Nations finals series.

We remind you that the Asian Cup finals will be held in Qatar. A total of 24 teams will take part. 

2023-24 AFC Asian Cup Final

  • When: 12 January – 10 February; 
  • Where: Qatar.

As for the Africa Cup of Nations, it will be held in Côte d’Ivoire. There’s still a lot of football to be played in this tournament, so it’s hard to pick a favourite just yet. 

2023 Africa Cup of Nations Final 

  • When: 13 January – 11 February;
  • Where: Côte d’Ivoire.

American Football: When to bet on the Super Bowl?

The 2023-24 National Football League season will end, as it always does, with America’s most important event and one that many outside the country look forward to every year – the Super Bowl. For a long time now, the final game of American football has been more than just a sporting event. The Super Bowl is a national celebration in America. It attracts more than 100 million viewers each year.  And the commercials that run during the game are the most expensive. 

Super Bowl LVII 2024

  • When: 11 February; 
  • Where: USA.

A week earlier, there is another NFL game that has the opposite popularity – the Pro Bowl. This is an exhibition game, where the players do not give their best and do not show their best because they have a new season of competition ahead of them. 

2024 Pro Bowl Games

  • When: 4 February;
  • Where: USA.

Hockey in February 2024: Games and Cups

Traditionally, there are several interesting events in the world of hockey in February. The first is the NHL All-Star Game, a friendly match between the best current players in the National Hockey League, which was first held more than 70 years ago. 

2024 NHL All-Star Game

  • When: 3 February;
  • Where: Canada.

There is also the Gagarin Cup, with 16 teams in the play-offs, and the tournament itself, which concludes at the end of April. CSKA Moscow won the cup last season. 

2024 Gagarin Cup

  • When: 29 February – 29 April;
  • Where: Russia.

Major basketball events: All-Star Game

Two of the most important basketball events of the year take place on the same day in February: the NBA All-Star Game and the VTB United League All-Star Game. Surprisingly, the NBA matchup has a long history and this year the NBA will return to the East vs. West format. 

2024 NBA All-Star Game

  • When: 18 February; 
  • Where: Russia.

The eighth All-Star Game will take place in a new format and will bring together a huge number of fans and basketball enthusiasts. 

2024 VTB United League All-Star Game

  • When: 18 February; 
  • Where: Russia.

Esport 2024: where to send the traffic?

In February, several esport competitions and events will take place: IEM Katowice 2024 – CS2, BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 and Games of the Future 2024. 

IEM Katowice 2024 – CS2

  • When: 31 January – 11 February;
  • Where: Poland.

BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024

  • When: 5 – 16 February; 
  • Where: UAE.

Games of the Future 2024

  • When: 21 February – 3 March;
  • Where: Russia.

3S.INFO has compiled a complete list of the key esport events in 2024: the most important and significant events in the disciplines of Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2, League of Legends. And for those who are ready to act now – the top 2024 esport offers!

What is on the tennis calendar for February?

There are plenty of competitions and meetings for tennis fans in February. Various ATP and WTA tennis tournaments take place in different parts of the world. 

One of the most spectacular events in February is the World Table Tennis Championships, which brings together the strongest and most outstanding teams in the sport. It is no secret that the Chinese team are the favourites among the men’s and women’s teams, and they are the reigning champions. A total of 40 teams from different countries will participate in the championship and only 24 teams will advance to the next stage. 

2024 World Team Table Tennis Championships

  • When: 19 January – 2 February;  
  • Where: Busan, South Korea.

Motor Racing: February 2024 Schedule

Several important racing events will take place in the last month of winter. They are: The Daytona 500 car race, the Swedish Rally and the Bahrain Grand Prix. Each of these races is considered exciting, interesting and has fans all over the world.

Daytona 500

  • When: 15-18 February;
  • Where: USA.

Rally Sweden 

  • When: 15 – 18 February;
  • Where: Sweden.

Bahrain Grand Prix. Formula One

  • When: 29 February – 2 March;
  • Where: Bahrain.

European Rugby: The Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Championship is an annual competition between the 15 strongest national men’s rugby teams, with six European teams involved: Ireland, Italy, Wales, Scotland, France and England. 

2024 Six Nations Championship

  • When: 2 – 16 February;
  • Where: Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy.

All the interesting sporting events for February 2024 are in front of you! All you have to do is choose a betting offer on 3SNET, think it through and launch your advertising campaign as efficiently as possible!

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