How to promote videos in VKontakte?

Publication date: 24 Mar 2023

In March 2023, a new object for promotion appeared in VK Ads. Users can now increase the number of video views and online broadcasts.

Advertisements will be shown in the VKontakte feed and help get more views. The new functionality is expected to reduce the cost of video views by an average of 66%.

The new advertising object, Videos and Broadcasts, is available in the VK Ads account. Promotion is possible for the target action “Views of videos and broadcasts”.

Next, VK Ads algorithms will optimize the display of ads with videos so that they are seen by an audience with the greatest chance of being interested in the content. Users who see the ads will be able to interact with the video by watching it, sharing it, leaving reactions and comments.

Ad campaigns with videos and broadcasts can be analyzed by several metrics:

  • ad impressions;
  • clicks on the ad;
  • start of viewing;
  • viewing for at least 10 seconds;
  • viewing percentage: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.

How to start video advertising in VKontakte?

  1.     Login to VK Advertising platform, information about videos from administered communities will be automatically collected in your advertising account.
  2.     In the menu “Campaigns”, select “Create”, then “Video and broadcasting”.
  3.     In the appearing list, tick the video. In the “Videos” field, select the videos you wish to promote.
  4.     The target action – “Views of videos and broadcasts” – is set automatically.
  5.     Set up your advertising campaign: targeting, budget, timeline.
  6.     Set up your ad: choose the video display order or delete the unwanted ones, add a description. 
  7.     Start promoting your VK videos!

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