WhatsApp and Telegram disable accounts, and TikTok breaks all records

Publication date: 21 Mar 2023

Out of hundreds of news items, we’ve selected the most important and interesting ones about advertising, tools and features.

WhatsApp and Telegram have started disabling accounts

On 20 March 2023, information emerged about the possible deletion of WhatsApp and Telegram accounts for Russians.  However, these rules have been in place for some time and do not refer to a specific country or a particular date.

Account deletion rules:

  • a Telegram account can be deleted after 1 or 3 months, six months or a year after the last use. This deadline is set by the account owner himself.
  • WhatsApp account and all data can be deleted 45 days after the last use. This can happen if the user logs in from a new device.  In this case, the service acts in the interest of the customer’s security.

Advertising in TikTok will break all records

In 2023, investment in TikTok will total a record $15.2 billion worldwide. That’s an increase of 51.7% (+2 billion dollars) over last year. These figures will be achieved as 75% of marketers plan to increase their investment in advertising on the platform.

According to WARC Media, TikTok has achieved tremendous popularity over the past 2 years. The short video service is especially popular with its young audience, with 1.05 billion users, 409 million of whom are between 18 and 24 years old.

As a reminder, 3SNET prepared a detailed article “How to launch gambling offers in TikTok”.

Online advertising brings revenue to VKontakte

In 2022, the income of VKontakte has grown by 19% to 97.8 billion roubles. The main source of revenue growth was online advertising, which brought 29% more revenue compared to 2021.  The main drivers of advertising development were performance formats (+59%) and the medium and small business segment (up 2.1 times).

In March 2023, the VK Advertising service provided a new opportunity to further motivate users. Lead Forms advertising is available on the VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks, as well as on VK Clips.

New lead forms allow you to add more text to the description or give a discount for completing a contact form. The new features can be found in the “Lead Forms” section when creating a new contact collection form:

  • “Compact”: 50 characters for the form title and 35 for short writing.
  • “More Text”: an extended lead form description of up to 350 characters to elaborate on your product or contact collection goal.
  • “Reward”: you can offer a discount or bonus for completing the lead form. You can set the discount amount as a percentage or in roubles. At the end of the form, you can give a link to promotional materials (e-book, price list, invitation to an event).

In addition, the new VK Advertising lead forms allow you to automatically generate an agreement for personal data processing. Incidentally, many online services will soon have to learn how to handle personal data. Roskomnadzor is developing amendments to the law “On Personal Data”: there are plans to unify the rules for collecting personal data and concluding user agreements with them.

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