How to promote a community on VK?

Publication date: 07 Feb 2023

VK Advertising has unveiled new tools for effective community promotion. In addition to increasing the number of subscribers, they will also help boost the number of likes and comments on posts.

New algorithms optimise ad impressions, which will reduce the cost of a targeted action by 70%.

Four promotion options are available: to attract new subscribers, to get more messages, to increase the number of orders and to get more reactions.

All you need to do to create a universal ad or a promotional video is to upload a text and an image (video). VK Advertising adjusts materials for projects.

The advertiser should specify either the maximum amount for the advertising campaign or the required target. No extra configuration of VK Advertising is required, the tools work automatically. Moreover, the new algorithm analyzes the effectiveness of the ad campaign, adjusts promotion and budget expenditures.

How to promote VKontakte communities

Community creation and promotion is available from the ad account.

  1. Select “Campaigns” in the menu of the advertising account, then “Create” and generate the “Community VKontakte”.
  2. In the “Promotional Community ” field, enter or select a link from the drop-down list.
  3. You need to select the target: “Join Community”, “Write to Community”, “Buy Products and Services”, “Increase Engagement”.
  4. Set up the campaign: specify budget, targeting and timing.
  5. Create an ad or specify the post you want to promote.
  6. Launch the advertisement.
  • It is now possible to withdraw income on monetization in Zen through the VK Pay payment service.  For this purpose, authors need to enter “Studio” and specify their VK ID in the “Monetization” section. The money will be transferred to the account linked to this account. This method of withdrawal is currently available only for residents of the Russian Federation.

Another tool to increase activity and audience engagement appeared in VK Advertising in early 2023. Mobile app owners will be able to use retargeting to spread the word about promotions and special offers, to remind those who have not yet used or have deleted their app. To launch the tool, link your mobile app to the tracker and add it to VK Advertising. Afterwards, set up an ad campaign by selecting the “Involvement of existing users” type. The ad campaign can be optimized for an event: purchase and subscription.

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