World University Games

Publication date: 23 Aug 2022

About the World University Games

The World University Games (Universiade) are international university sports competitions organised under the auspices of the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The Summer and Winter World University Games take place every two years.

Students, postgraduate students and graduates of the two years preceding the Universiade between the ages of 17 and 28 are eligible to participate.

2023 World Winter University Games

The 2023 Winter Universiade is scheduled to take place from 12 to 22 January in Lake Placid, New York, USA. Lake Placid had already hosted the FISU Winter University Games once before in 1972.

This time, Lake Placid Village will host athletes from 50 countries. The 21st Winter World University Games will include competitions in such winter sports as:

  • Ice hockey;
  • Short track;
  • Speed Skating;
  • Skiing;
  • Biathlon;
  • Freestyle;
  • Snowboarding;
  • Curling;
  • Figure skating;

2023 Summer World University Games

Initially, the Summer World University Games were scheduled to be held in Ekaterinburg, Russia, from 7 to 19 August 2023.

In April 2022, a decision was made to postpone Ekaterinburg’s bid to host the games to a later date. Ekaterinburg was the only candidate to host the Summer Universiade.

The competitions will be held in 18 sports:

  • Archery;
  • Artistic Gymnastics;
  • Athletics;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Boxing;
  • Diving;
  • Water polo;
  • Fencing;
  • Badminton;
  • Judo;
  • Rugby sevens;
  • Rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Swimming;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Tennis;
  • Taekwondo;
  • Sambo.

History of the World University Games

The first international competition among students took place in 1905.

In 1919, Jean Petitjean created the Confederation of Students.

The first World University Games were held in Paris in 1923.

Until 1939, all World University Games were held in Europe.

In 1947, the first games organised by FISU, University Sports Weeks, took place in Paris.

2025 World University Games

According to preliminary information, the 2025 Summer World University Games will be held in Rhein-Ruhr, Germany. Meanwhile, the Winter Universiade is scheduled to take place in Turin, Italy.

Keep an eye on the dates of the World University Games and other events in our Sports Events Calendar.

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