National Basketball Association

Publication date: 22 Mar 2024

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. It is one of the major professional sports leagues in North America, along with the NHL, MLB, MLS and NFL.

The Association consists of 30 teams divided into two conferences, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Each conference is divided into 3 divisions of 5 teams each. The championship season consists of several stages:

  • Regular season. It lasts 6 months;
  • The Playoffs. It involves the leaders determined as a result of the regular season.

The Playoffs consist of First Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals and the NBA Finals. Each stage’s winner advances to the next. In the final stage, the winning teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences meet to compete for the NBA title.

The most important stage of the NBA is the NBA Draft, which gives clubs the opportunity to select and sign new players and future basketball stars.

2023-24 NBA Season

The 2023-24 NBA season is the 78th season of the National Basketball Association. It began on 17 October 2023 and will conclude in mid-April 2024.

The play-in games are scheduled to take place between 16 April and 19 April. The playoffs will begin on 20 April and run until 18 June. Each club will play 82 games during the season.

History of the league

The league was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. It later merged with the National Basketball League and was renamed the National Basketball Association.

In the early days, players received a monthly salary of $1,000, which was roughly the same for everyone. Over the years, the salaries of celebrity athletes have grown exponentially. It is known that in recent years the average salary of NBA players has been around $5 million per year.

Over the years, the NBA has partnered with various companies and organizations.

Outstanding NBA athletes

Names of basketball players that are on the lips of almost everyone:

1st place – Michael Jordan;

2nd place – Kobe Bryant;

3rd place – Kareem-Abdul Jabbar;

4th place – Magic Johnson;

5th place – Bill Russell.

Previous NBA season results:

Year Winning team
2022-23 Denver Nuggets (Western Conference) 
2021-22 Golden State Warriors (Western Conference)
2020-21 Milwaukee Bucks (Eastern Conference)

2024-25 NBA Season

The start dates for the 79th season of the National Basketball Association have not yet been announced.

The NBA is more than just a professional basketball league; it is history, passion and incredible skill brought together on the courts of America’s greatest arenas. Each NBA game is a true showcase, where the stars of the sport showcase their skills and talent in front of millions of fans around the world.

Keep an eye on the dates of basketball championships and other events on our Sporting Events Calendar.

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