World Aquatics Championships

Publication date: 23 Jan 2024

The World Aquatics Championships (formerly called the FINA World Championships) is the largest competition in aquatic sports, formerly held every two years but now held annually under the auspices of the International Swimming Federation. Athletes from all over the world representing their countries participate in the championships.

The World Aquatics Championships include several different disciplines such as swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo and open water. Each of these disciplines has its own rules and requirements.

Swimming events involve athletes who have to cover a certain distance in a pool. They can compete in a variety of swimming styles including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. There are also relay races where teams are made up of multiple swimmers.

2024 World Aquatics Championships

The upcoming FINA World Championships, which will be held from 2-18 February 2024 in Doha, Qatar, are expected to feature some of the most outstanding athletes from around the world. Each country will be represented by their strongest and most talented athletes.

The event will feature a variety of sports that include not only popular disciplines such as swimming and water polo, but also more exotic sports such as synchronized swimming, diving, canoeing and kayaking, as well as wakeboarding and surfing.

History of the competition

The World Aquatics Championships has a long and rich history, starting with the first competition back in 1973. Since then, this tournament has become one of the most prestigious and significant events in the world of sport.

Initially, the championship was held every four years, but over time its popularity grew and today it is held every year. This tournament has become an important platform for athletes to showcase their skills and compete for the title of world champion.

Results and winners of previous seasons

Previous seasons of the World Aquatics Championships have delighted the spectators with incredible performances and achievements of the athletes. New records were set and new heights were reached in every sport.

In swimming, for example, Michael Phelps from the USA became one of the most successful competitors at the World Championships, winning many gold medals and setting several world records. In water polo, the Croatian and Serbian teams dominated, showing incredible strength and co-ordination.

Year Venue Medal standings by country
2023 Fukuoka, Japan China: gold – 20, silver – 8, bronze – 12

Australia: gold – 15, silver – 9, bronze – 6

USA: gold – 7, silver – 22, bronze – 15

2022 Budapest, Hungary USA: gold – 18, silver – 14, bronze – 17

China: gold – 18, silver – 2, bronze – 8

Italy: gold – 9, silver – 7, bronze – 6

2019 Gwangju, Korea China: gold – 16, silver – 11, bronze – 3

USA: gold – 15, silver – 11, bronze – 10

Russia: gold – 12, silver – 11, bronze – 7

2025 World Aquatics Championships

The 2025 World Aquatics Championships to be held in Singapore is eagerly anticipated and already being planned. It is promised by the organizers to make it even more exciting and engaging by attracting new athletes and introducing new sports.

In 2025, the World Aquatics Championships will once again be a platform for competition and a demonstration of the highest level of athletes. Athletes from all over the world will compete for the title of the best and show their skills in front of a global audience. Let’s look forward to this fantastic event and hope for new records and impressive performances.

Keep an eye on the dates of the World Championships and other sporting events in our Sporting Events Calendar.

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