Major League Baseball

Publication date: 22 Feb 2024

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most popular and exciting leagues in the world of sport. This professional American baseball league brings together the best players and teams from the United States and Canada, providing spectators with exciting games and unforgettable moments.

The MLB has a history of more than a hundred years, during which time it has become a symbol of American culture and national sport. Baseball is in the soul of many generations of Americans, and each MLB season attracts millions of fans from around the world.

One of the hallmarks of MLB is its unique atmosphere and traditions. From the All-Star Game to the World Series, every league event is filled with excitement, passion and competition. MLB players become true stars whose names will go down in baseball history.

MLB 2024

MLB’s new season begins on 20 March with a two-game series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres and concludes on 29 September. It is already known that the 94th All-Star Game will be held on 16 July at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. There are 30 teams in the current Major League Baseball season. They will play a total of 162 games.

It is also known that the post-season will begin on 1 October, with a possible World Series date set for 2 November.

MLB history

Major League Baseball was founded in 1903 as a merger of two professional baseball leagues, the National League and the American League. Since then, the MLB has become the most prestigious and popular baseball league in the world.

There have been many notable events, players and teams in the history of MLB. For example, great players such as Babe Ruth, Maury Wills, Joerger Foster, Brian McCann, Robinson Canó and many others who have left their mark on the history of the league.

MLB is also known for its traditions such as the World Series, a championship series where the winners of the National and American leagues meet. There is also the All-Star Game, a national game featuring the best players in the league.

Today, the MLB consists of 30 teams divided into two leagues, the National and American Leagues. The league continues to delight fans around the world with exciting games and great player achievements.

Results of previous competitions

Year Venue Results
2023 U.S. Japan
2022 U.S. Japan
2021 U.S. Japan

MLB is not just about sports, it’s about life. It is a world where every throw, kick and run counts, where team spirit and the desire to win unite athletes and fans. In MLB, every day is a new opportunity to get better, to surpass yourself and to reach the pinnacle of success.

In this way, MLB remains an integral part of the world’s sports culture, bringing joy and inspiration to millions of people. Great games, legendary players and a unique atmosphere make MLB a truly unique and great sporting event.

Keep an eye on the dates of baseball games and other sporting events on our Sporting Events Calendar.

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