Where to direct traffic in June?

Publication date: 24 May 2023

An exciting sports game attracts so many spectators! And this is the best way to attract a new customer for a bookmaker’s website! At 3S.INFO you will find a list of the brightest and most interesting sporting events that will take place in June 2023. Plan your advertising campaigns to earn and get paid on time! 

Football in June 2023: when are the finals?

June is especially exciting for true football fans. After all, June is the month when lots of national championships end and the European finals will come to an end like the Champions’ League, the Conference League and the Nations League.

UEFA Europa Conference League. Final match

  • When: 7 June;
  • Where: Sinobo Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic.

UEFA Champions League. Final match

  • When: 10 June;
  • Where: Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey.

UEFA Nations League. Final part

  • When: 14 – 18 June;
  • Where: Stadiums in Rotterdam and Enschede (Netherlands).

UEFA Women’s Champions League. Final match

  • When: 3 June;
  • Where: PSV stadium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The deciding match will be between Spanish women’s football club Barcelona and Wolfsburg from Germany.

Likewise, the third round of European qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2024 kicks off in June. This event will bring us even closer to one of the most important and significant events in the football world, which will take place in June and July 2024. 

Hockey in June 2023: the most important events

Stanley Cup Finals

  • When: 8 – 18 June;
  • Where: USA, Canada.

It is not yet known who exactly will be fighting in the Stanley Cup Hockey Finals. All we know so far is that the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes are from the Eastern Conference, while the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights are from the Western Conference. The Western and Eastern Conference finals will conclude by the end of May. Not until then will the teams that will meet in the final series of Stanley Cup games be known.

61st NHL Draft

  • When: 28 – 29 June;
  • Where: NHL club Nashville Predators home arena in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

In May, the NHL draft lottery for 2023 ended. Thanks to this, it became known which club will be the first to select athletes to its team at the end of June. Russian hockey player Matvei Michkov is the 5th best hockey player of the upcoming draft. Very soon it will be clear which athlete and team will be fighting for on the ice in the near future!

Basketball in June 2023: what to watch?

2022-23 NBA season. Final Series

  • When: 1 – 13 June;
  • Where: USA.

The first game of this season’s NBA Finals series will take place on June 1. As of today, we know that the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers have advanced to the Western Conference Finals.

Women’s EuroBasket

  • When: 15 – 25 June;
  • Where: Ljubljana, Celje and Koper in Slovenia and Tel Aviv in Israel.

The international women’s basketball competition that thrills fans every 2 years will be held in June in Slovenia and Israel. Let’s see if the Serbian team can once again defend their championship title!

NBA Draft

  • When: 22 June;
  • Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

On May 17, the 2023 NBA Draft lottery wrapped up, revealing the order of clubs selecting rookies in the upcoming draft, which will take place on June 22. Both of these events are very significant in the world of basketball. That’s because the winner of the lottery gets to pick and sign one of the most promising and young basketball players of our time, Victor Wembanyama, who is 224cm tall. The auction generated similar excitement in 2003, when LeBron James entered the draft. 

Exciting sporting events in June 2023

Volleyball: Men’s League of Nations

  • When: 6 June – 23 July;
  • Where: Canada, Japan, Netherlands, France, USA, Philippines.

The tournament will feature 16 teams playing 3 match weeks in different locations. At the end of all games, the top eight teams will compete for medals in the Final Eight. The Cuban team will replace the Australian team this season.

Esport: BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023

  • When: 7 – 11 June;
  • Where: Washington, DC.

In the world of esports, the first month of summer is an eventful one. This month, the first and second divisions of the Dota 2 tournament, “Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Season 3”, will come to a close in various parts of the world. In addition, there will be a “BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023” CS:GO tournament with a prize pool of $425,000.

Tennis: French Open (Roland-Garros)

  • When: 22 May – 11 June;
  • Where: Stade Roland Garros, Paris, France.

One of the four Grand Slam tournaments, the Roland Garros, also known as the French Open tennis championships, continues in June. The event attracts fans and admirers from all over the world each year.

Athletics: Diamond League

  • When: 2, 9, 15, 30 June;
  • Where: Rome (Italy), Paris (France), Oslo (Norway), Lausanne (Switzerland).

The Diamond League is a series of events in athletics that includes running and technical disciplines for men and women.

Horse Racing: 2023 Belmont Stakes 

  • When: 10 June;
  • Where: USA.

One of the top three horse races in the USA will happen in June and it won’t be long before fans are delighted with the spectacle. Interesting fact: in 2014, there were record bets of more than $150 million. Such interest was due to the participation of the famous horse California Chrome, who had the opportunity to be the winner in all three Triple Crown races.

Let’s see what fun the last Triple Crown races will bring us this year!

Horse Racing: Royal Ascot 2023

  • When: 18 – 22 June;
  • Where: England.

The Royal Ascot is the UK’s premier horse race and even the royal family doesn’t miss it. The event attracts some of the best jockeys in the world. Over 300,000 people attend Royal Ascot every year. One distinctive feminine accessory these days is a hat or headpiece with a wide brim.

Motor racing: Formula 1

The F1 races continue. This time the racers will gather in 3 locations and show their skills. All these stages have a great history and a loyal audience. Max Verstappen is the leader in the Fastest Lap in two of the three previous races. 

New events appear every day on our calendar!


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