How to increase the audience of a Telegram channel?

Publication date: 07 Dec 2023

In November 2023, Telegram’s audience reached 800 million monthly active users.  Thus, about one in ten people in the world uses the messenger. At the same time, the audience continues to grow rapidly, with more than 2 million people registering daily.  Recently, Telegram has introduced updates to help promote and expand channels.

Telegram channels: search, statistics, reposting stories

Users have received a convenient opportunity to search for new channels. Now, when joining an interesting channel, subscribers will get a list of similar public channels. The list of alike channels is formed automatically based on the audience overlap. It will be displayed in a separate tab in the channel profile.

Channel administrators can get statistics of views, forwarding and reactions to published stories.

  • To get the information, open a special section “Statistics” in the channel profile or press three dots when viewing a story.
  • Administrators can also obtain information about votes and change the settings of draws. They are also available in the “Statistics and votes” section.

You can increase the audience of your channel by reposting stories

  • For reposting, stories that are visible to “Everyone” are accessible.
  • You can supplement someone else’s story by adding your own text, audio or video comments.
  • The user can select the audience who can see the repost.
  • To repost someone else’s story, select the forwarding arrow and choose “Repost Story”.

How to create video messages in Telegram?

A new Telegram “feature”: video messages in stories. A video message is a type of comment that can be added on top of a story.

  • This feature is open both for your own stories and when reposting.
  • You can edit a video message: choose when it starts and ends, move it around the screen, change its size.
  • To record a video message in Telegram, you need to hold the camera icon in the story editor. Hold the video track at the bottom of the screen to adjust the volume.

A few innovations in Telegram for an enjoyable user experience

  • Premium users can choose unique colour combinations with logos for their profile.
  • All users can set custom wallpapers for individual chats, while premium users can apply any wallpaper for themselves and their conversation partner simultaneously.
  • Voice and video message transcription became available to all users: up to 2 messages per week.
  • Telegram channel administrators received a new interface for managing reactions, where you can easily add and remove individual emoji.

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