Tennis tournament Davis Cup

Publication date: 19 Aug 2022

About the Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is a major international team tennis competition for men.

It has been held since 1900 and since 1979 under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Teams of tennis players from different countries play against each other. Loser teams are eliminated from the tournament.

A similar tournament for women’s teams is the Billie Jean King Cup (formerly known as the Fed Cup).

Official website of the Davis Cup

2023 Davis Cup

The Davis Cup final will take place on September 12-17 (group stage) in four cities – Bologna (Italy), Manchester (Great Britain), Valencia (Spain), Split (Croatia). The 16 participating teams are divided into 4 subgroups. The teams that take first and second places will advance to the quarterfinals.

  • A (Bologna, Italy): Canada, Italy, Sweden, Chile;
  • B (Manchester, UK): Australia, UK, France, Switzerland;
  • C (Valencia, Spain): Spain, Serbia, Czech Republic, Republic of Korea;
  • D (Split, Croatia): Croatia, Netherlands, USA, Finland.

The decisive matches of the playoffs of the final part will be held on November 21 – 26 in Malaga (Spain).

The 2023 Davis Cup winner will be determined on November 26th.

History of the Davis Cup

In 1899, four students from Harvard University decided to set up a tennis tournament in which national teams could participate. One of them was Dwight Davis. He devised a scheme for the tournament and bought a silver cup with his own money, the prize for the winner of the tournament.

The first tournament was held in 1900 in Brookline, Massachusetts, and featured teams from the USA and Great Britain. Davis played for the US team that won the tournament that year and the following year (1902).

By 1905, teams from Belgium, Austria, France and Australasia were competing in the Davis Cup.

Between 1900 and 1939 the cup was played 34 times.

The original name of the tournament was the International Lawn Tennis Challenge. After the death of Dwight Davis, the tournament was called the Davis Cup.

In its 100th year, the tournament drew national teams from 129 countries.

Results of the previous Davis Cup tournaments

The year Venue Results
2021 Madrid, Spain Russia (2:0) Croatia
2020 It was cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic
2019 Madrid, Spain Spain (2:0) Canada

2024 Davis Cup

Information on the dates and venues of the next Davis Cup is not yet available.

Keep an eye on the dates of tennis tournaments and other events in our Sports Events Calendar.

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