European Curling Championships

Publication date: 22 Aug 2022

European Curling Championships

The European Curling Championships is an international tournament for men and women national curling teams. It takes place annually under the aegis of the European Curling Federation (ECF) and World Curling Federation (WCF). The essence of the game is that players from two teams take turns sliding heavy stones, also called rocks, across the ice curling sheet toward the house, a circular target marked on the ice. There are 4 players in each team.

2022 European Curling Championships

The 47th European Curling Championships in Groups A and B will be held from 19 to 26 November 2022 in Sweden.

The Group C Championship has already been held in Kaunas (Lithuania) from 30 April to 5 May.

For the first time, the Portuguese men’s national team will take part in the tournament.

Initially, it was planned that the 47th European Curling Championships would be held in Perm, Russia. However, the venue for the tournament has been postponed due to a special operation in Ukraine. Preliminary information suggests that Sweden’s Östersund will host the European Curling Championships.

History of the European Curling Championships

European Curling Championships have been held since 1975 for both men’s and women’s national teams. Men’s and women’s teams compete simultaneously in the same city.

Scotland has the most wins at previous European Curling Championships. Men have 14 wins and women have 21.

Thirteen countries have hosted the European Championships:

Switzerland (11 times);

Germany/Germany, Scotland (6 times);

Sweden (5 times);

France, Denmark, Norway (4 times);

Italy (2 times);

Bulgaria, Russia, Finland, Estonia (once).

Results of the previous European Curling Championships

The year Venue Results/Medals by country
2021 Lillehammer (Norway) 1 – Scotland (men); Scotland (women)

2 – Sweden (men); Sweden (women)

3 – Italy (men); Germany (women)

2020 It was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic 
2019 Helsingborg (Sweden) 1 – Sweden (men); Sweden (women)

2 – Switzerland (men); Scotland (women)

3 – Scotland (men); Switzerland (women)

2024 European Curling Championships

There is no information yet about the dates and venues of the next European Curling Championships.

Keep an eye on the dates of the European and World Curling Championships and other events in our Sports Events Calendar.

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