What verticals will be thriving in 2020?

Publication date: 19 Dec 2019

2020 is on its way! Where will the affiliate marketing be moving in the coming year? Which niches will be on the rise again? Positions of which will weaken? Forecasts for 2020 are very interesting—what in betting, poker, and esports is worth paying attention to?

  • Betting will remain in the spotlight. Along with growing popularity of bookmakers, we expect tote or pari-mutuel betting services and other projects of this type to be on the rise. In pari-mutuel betting, gamblers place bets not against the bookie but against other gamblers. Big sporting events that will take place in 2020 around the world, like Euro 2020, Summer Olympics, Ice Hockey World Championship, will boost popularity of betting activities in the coming year.
  • One more forecast from 3snet: What advertising formats will be holding the lead next year?
  • Demand for Casinos will also be high. The latest technological advancements and commercial initiatives (e.g., gambling with cryptocurrencies) turn online gambling into a very dynamic and constantly changing sphere. Today Asian and African casinos are on the rise as the gambling industry is growing at a significant pace in China, Singapore, and South Africa.
  • Prospects for Poker are good. Most brands work directly with publishers and want to attract international audience. Poker players are looking for opportunities to demonstrate their analytical skills, strategies, discipline, and self-control. Where there is demand over something, there will be supply to meet it, and we hope that the situation in the online poker sphere will change in 2020. It might happen that casinos will start offering additional poker services.
  • Crypto is on top, and the trend will continue throughout 2020. News about currency rate fluctuations, new electronic cryptocurrencies, changes in legislation stir up people’s interest in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Esports is rapidly gaining momentum. Audience that grew up on esports is getting bigger and becoming more solvent. The vertical is already on the rise, and the trend is likely to continue in the coming year.

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