Telegram audience: adults with an active lifestyle

Publication date: 20 Sep 2022

The Telegram messenger is becoming “the leading and most important communication channel”. This trend emerged back in March 2022 and was confirmed over the summer in a joint study by Understanding Management (UM) and HR4PR Executive Search.

  • more than half (52%) of companies said that they first started using messenger in the last six months
  • another 13% of respondents plan to use Telegram in the future.

Company representatives also named other most popular ways to communicate with their audience: company web sites and e-mail newsletters. Internet media made it to the top five key channels replacing print media. The Russian VKontakte came out on top among social networks. As for new channels, experts mention Zen and RuTube.

How to work with the Telegram audience?

Another study conducted by the PRT, SocialJet and Trend Surfers created a detailed portrait of the Russian Telegram audience.

According to the survey, the messenger is used primarily by adult audiences: 28% are 35 to 44 years old, 26% are older than 45 and 21% are 25 to 34 years old.  A whopping 52% of men and 48% of women regularly chat or read news on Telegram.

Analysts also reveal a large number of professionals among Telegram’s audience: 49% of respondents have higher education, 32% have secondary education, 52% of respondents are experienced professionals in various industries, 11% hold executive positions, and 6% are top managers.

IT (18%), science and education (11%), manufacturing and energy (10%) account for the majority of Telegram visitors. At the same time, 43% of the audience earn less than 40 thousand roubles per month, 32% of them earn up to 70 thousand roubles and only 11% earn more than 120 thousand roubles.

The main motivation for those who regularly use Telegram was ” to follow their dreams ” mentioned by 43%, self-affirmation – 39% and trends – 18%. At the same time, 67% of users are guided by their own views when choosing channels, 19% of users listen to experts’ opinion, 13% rely on statistics and 2% take advice from friends.

The important life values for 38% are self-development, 35% – stability, 22% – family, 5% – acceptance in society.

  • Here’s more interesting data from Mediascope: Russian citizens are leaving social networks. Where are they going?

Meanwhile, Telegram continues to add new features to become even more user-friendly. The registration process on iOS devices has been improved: users are greeted with an updated interface and smooth animations. The updated version introduces new authorization options: receiving codes to email or “Sign in with Apple” / “Sign in with Google”. Also, all users, like Premium subscription holders, have been given the ability to send reactions: not only standard, but also custom emoji.

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