Telegram 2024: more updates for business

Publication date: 31 Mar 2024

In March, Telegram issued $330 million in bonds. The proceeds will allow the service to “expand at an accelerated pace”. According to Telegram founder Pavel Durov, the owners of the securities were “top-tier global funds with impeccable reputations”.

“The growing demand for our bonds shows that global financial institutions value Telegram’s audience growth and monetization tools,” he wrote.

And as early as the end of March 2024, Telegram has released a number of updates that will provide more promotional opportunities for channel owners and business accounts (including betting and gambling).

Telegram advertising revenues will increase

Channel owners in some countries (the list is still unknown) will be able to receive half of the amount for displaying ads on their platform. Channel owners (from 1000 subscribers) in some countries (the full list is not yet known) will be able to receive half of the amount for displaying ads on their platform. The money can be withdrawn (no commission) or spent on ads or Premium raffles.
You can check the amount of income from advertising in Telegram via “Channel settings” / “Statistics” / “Monetization”.

In addition, channel administrators of level 50 or higher will be able to turn off sponsored messages for their subscribers.

Personal accounts will also see changes to make Telegram more business-friendly:

  • A new feature to introduce third-party bots to automatically process and interact with messages.
  • You can place and fully edit any information in the welcome window: heading, subheading, stickers. This template will be displayed to other users when they open a dialogue. 
  • A special link with prepared messages will allow you to open a dialogue with the owner of the link. The links will also have a function for collecting statistics.

In February 2024, according to the Mediascope service, Telegram’s audience grew to 59.9 million people. Compared to February 2022, this number increased by 2.2 times. At the same time, users began to spend more time on the messenger: about 44 minutes per day (+ 57% compared to February 2022). Telegram also ranks third (after VK and YouTube) in the distribution of advertising budgets.

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