New useful ad features on YouTube, VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki

Publication date: 20 Feb 2019

New punishment rules on YouTube

YouTube has updated its “three-strike” system that is used to punish YouTubers who post violating content.

From 25 February, YouTube does not punish for the first rule violation but only obliges users to remove the violating content.

If the rules are violated second time, the user receives a strike and will not be able to upload any content for one week. If one more violation follows within a 90 day period after the second violation, YouTube will give the second strike that means the channel will be blocked for two weeks. The third strike will result in the channel being removed from YouTube.

VKontakte will start selling goods from AliExpress

AliExpress has started integrating with VKontakte. Within the coming months, the whole range of goods from AliExpress will become available for VK users. Users will be able to make purchases with AliExpress app on VKApps platform and pay with VKPay.

Over the past year, about 39 million of Russians made purchases in social networks and messengers for the total sum of 591 billion rubles, a research conducted by Yandex.Kassa and Data Insight has showed.

A free answer bot introduced on Odnoklassniki

Odnoklassniki has introduced a free answer bot for groups. Groups’ administrators can set a welcoming message and 10 auto answers for keyword requests. For example, if a request with a word “contact” is received, the bot can send company’s contact info, or it can give a website link in response to an “order” keyword.

To set the answers, the group’s administrator should enable this feature in the Messages section of the group settings. After messaging with the group is enabled, welcoming message and auto answers setting options will appear in the menu.

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