What’s new in messengers and cryptocurrency for viewing ads

Publication date: 13 May 2019

VKontakte tests VK Me messenger
VKontakte has started a new experiment. The private message feature was disabled in the mobile app to get users to download a new messenger VK Me. The experiment is taking place only in Kazakhstan, and nothing of the kind has been planned to take place in Russia yet.
“We will be monitoring the results, analyzing the feedback and the popularity of the new app in Kazakhstan. We are not planning any abrupt changes for all users,” representatives of VKontakte said.
VKontakte launched VK Me in December 2018. The messenger does not have to be linked to the VK account: users can communicate with both phone contacts and friends from VKontakte.

Massive update for Telegram messenger
Users can now sort messages with archived chats. Swipe left on a chat to archive it. If an archived chat gets a notification, it will pop out of the archived chats folder and back into the chat list. Muted chats will stay archived forever.

Telegram also allows sorting active and inactive chats in any order desired.
Android users can notice other changes. Telegram for Android has an improved design with a new icon and a new menu. Selecting messages in chats is now more functional with a new quick forwarding button added.
The new design also makes it easier to share sticker packs and messages with friends. Users can also add emoji to forwarded messages. Another new feature allows iOS users to clear their recently used stickers.

Fact-checking tested on Instagram
Facebook has started testing a fact-checking system. Potentially misleading posts will be checked to limit the spread of misinformation among users. If misinformation is found, the content will be filtered out of Instagram’s Explore tab and hashtag results pages. These posts will appear only if a person follows the Instagram account directly. So Instagram will be not removing such content, but rather limiting its reach.
Photos and videos can be added to retweets on Twitter
Twitter now allows users to add photos, videos, and GIFs to retweets. Previously, that could be done only with text messages.
The new feature is available on iOS, Android, and Twitter’s mobile website. Tap the “retweet with comment” button to leave a multimedia retweet.

Facebook wants to pay for viewing ads
Facebook might start paying users with its own cryptocurrency for viewing ads.
The company is considering the integration of its own cryptocurrency into its ads ecosystem. The scheme is the following: companies use tokens to pay for ads, and users are rewarded in cryptocurrency for viewing or interacting with them.
The cryptocurrency will supposedly make users spend more time on Facebook: users will be able to pay with tokens in online stores.

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