Media Buying: All About the Application Rent in 2023

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Publication date: 22 Aug 2023


Today, 3SNET analyst and expert Alex Miller finds out how apps work, how to rent or buy them? What’s the right way to choose the best, and what are the essentials they have to offer for effective media buying in 2023?

We asked questions and the app providers – Mira, IRENT and Skyline – answered them.

Let’s get started!


Alex Miller: The most common question for 3SNET is: where to rent apps? Give me some advice!

MIRA: MIRA, NSQ, WWA, TD, Trident. That’s a list of the best known partners on the market, with their own developments, many applications and a lot of experience.

IRENT: We advise you to use as many services as possible to rent applications. The media buying market is very unstable, so it is better to diversify all resources. Well, if you need to rent or buy back iOS apps, we will be happy to see you at IRENT.

Skyline: Skyline Apps provides the best iOS apps. The best Android apps are from our favourite competitors!


Alex Miller: Can you please tell us how to rent an app? And what does the renter get?

Mira: You write to the manager, you are added to the group, given a key to the bot.  Then, we do tracker integration: test installation, registration and you can start directing traffic. The renter gets access to all our applications in the bot and can send traffic to any of them.

Skyline: The client needs to choose an application from the list of available ones, specify from which traffic sources the ad launch is available, send a link from the tracker or from the AP, which should be opened by players in the application, perform a test installation and make sure that all the subs (parameters) are displayed and clicks come to the tracker/AP, set up postbacks, launch and wait for the profit. The renter with a ready, converting link gets a consistent high ROI. A renter who is on the search for a ready-made link on an iOS app will get a test period to find the one that converts.

IRENT: We always advise you to write to the managers first. They will quickly guide you through the available apps, free GEOs and sources, explain all the nuances of working with iOS, help with integration and testing. If necessary, they will create a common chat room for the whole team. Next, you register in the service and go to the “App Catalogue” to rent Organic or Justlink. In your personal account, you can also find the “Documentation” section with all the necessary information and FAQ.

By the way, in order to be able to make the most effective use of the application and get a good conversion rate, 3SNET has prepared a special top of the offers for application rental.


Alex Miller: And now a few quick questions about the apps themselves!

Mira  IRENT Skyline
all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet mira 3 all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet irent 3 all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet skyline 2
In which programming languages do you make apps?
Java, Kotlin – 90-95% , C#(Unity) – 5-10%. Swift. Unity, React Native
Which programming language for writing apps is gaining popularity?
Kotlin is one of the youngest and fastest growing. Android Studio themselves put their trust on it and are adding a lot of functionality for it, while Java is becoming Deprecated, although it is still possible to write applications on this language. At first, many people made apps on Unity (including us), but this had a big impact on their speed. The size of such an iOS-application was usually 100+ MB. Now most people are moving to SWIFT. Unity, Flutter, Kotlin, React Native, Java, Cordova.
Which OS are you running FB* on? What sources do Android, iOS, other OS’s fit under?
Currently, we have Android under any sources like FB*, UAC, TT and others. However, we are also testing IOS, which we plan to add to the rental in the future. We mostly have FB* iOS, but our apps can be run on other sources as well (TT, In-App, UAC, etc). iOS only, unfortunately we don’t provide Android anymore.


Alex Miller: Is it exactly gambling and betting apps or general topics? What app categories to choose under gambling?

Mira: Mostly in availability and also people provide traffic to gambling. Much rarer is betting, mostly event-based, especially under IPL Cricket.

The most popular categories under gambling are arcades and puzzles. Casino is always popular as well. In general, though, you can use almost any category, you can find Entertainment, Adventure, Tools.

IRENT: Gambling and Betting are our strengths, so we work in these verticals. The category of iOS apps under Gambling depends on the source. For example, under ASO, you can select the casino category, but the same category is banned on FB* (with this category the app can get tagged). Under FB* we recommend choosing casuals, arcades.

Skyline: Gambling/betting apps are branded (less in public). Apps are generally gambling (design themes include popular slots in a certain period of time. At the moment – Bonanza, Plinko, Aviator, Book of Dead, etc.).


Alex Miller: And what volumes are you willing to provide and do you change apps? What is the average lifespan of an app, and does it depend on the topic or GEO?

Skyline Mira IRENT
all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet skyline 1 all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet mira 2 all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet irent 1
How many apps can you provide for sale and rent? Do you change applications?
Basically, we work on a rental model, the volume of apps released per month is 10-30. We change apps as soon as any restrictions appear on it in the form of a “digital shop” in FB*, or an app being banned from the Store, which is not a frequent factor in the App Store compared to the Play Market. Today it’s about 20 applications for FB* and about 26 for other sources. We issue new ones from time to time, and after a ban/tag we issue a new one. The large amount of time we have left, about 20 applications, allows us to do this quickly and without problems. We can give a large volume of apps, but everything, of course, depends on the situation on the market and the speed of passing moderation in the App Store. We are now trying to update the showcase of iOS rental apps as often as possible. 

What is the average lifespan of an application?

Does the lifespan of the app depend on the topic (is it betting or gambling) and GEO?

The minimum lifespan is a month. The maximum is two years or more. According to our observations, it does not depend on the application’s topic in the App Store, nor does it depend on geography. It is dependent on the number of negative reviews on the app, as well as on the amount of traffic driven, the more there is, the faster Apple will raise questions. Some of them are solvable, some are not (for example, just banning the account with a letter that no appeal is possible). The minimum term in Android is a bit different where apps live from a couple of days to a year or more. The average lifespan of apps is more than a month, nowadays bans are quite rare. Many apps have lived 2-3-4 months, but there are exceptions, when an app can be banned after a week of life.

This doesn’t really depend on the topic, except that due to the fact that betting has fewer installs in general, Google may get to it later, but it doesn’t affect it much. GEO affects only if you don’t have cloaking, then moderators from USA or other countries can get onto the offer and ban applications.

iOS apps have a lifetime of six months on average. The life period does not vary depending on the topic, but definitely depends on the GEO, so we are not allowed to send traffic to the USA and some Arab countries.


Alex Miller: Now let’s talk about something even more important – apps as a source of traffic! How long do you think this traffic source will live? And what new chips, besides pooches, have appeared in the long time of source’s existence?

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  • What's the reason to buy/rent your apps? What makes you different from your competitors? On what do you make money?
    What's the reason to buy/rent your apps? What makes you different from your competitors? On what do you make money?

    We provide a wide range of apps under different verticals. Most of them are gambling, but there is also betting, crypto and occasionally data mining. We always have a stock of apps on hold in case something happens.

    If we say, why it is profitable to rent, then for small and medium teams it is an opportunity to get a product without spending much money on its development. For larger teams with their own rentals, it’s product diversification, in case something goes wrong with their development as well as diversity, the opportunity to try something new, and more applications, creatives, and opportunities.

    How do we differ from our competitors? We have one of the largest number of apps available, for different slots and verticals. Besides, we are a young team with plenty of services in development that will improve not only performance, but also quality.

    Earnings are on installs; payment comes for a unique user who got on the offer. There is a cent for each user.

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  • What's the reason to buy/rent your apps? What makes you different from your competitors? On what do you make money?
    What's the reason to buy/rent your apps? What makes you different from your competitors? On what do you make money?

    We have never claimed that our service is the best on the market. We just make a cool product. We try to deliver quality iOS apps and provide prompt support. We build a strong brand and produce useful content. We want every partner to feel comfortable and easy to work with us, so we hold everyone’s hand from the beginning of using the service to the first launches. We want to gather a community of cool people around us. We follow the same policy for our second service PWA.Market (PWA-applications).

    One of the main IRENT’s features is Justlink, our unique iOS traffic driving development. Using it, you can bypass source restrictions for iOS 14+, track 98% of your audience’s user journey and effectively optimize traffic for installs, registrations and deposits. The number of Facebook and TikTok accounts is unlimited. The maximum conversion rate of INSTALL2DEP through Justlink was 1k4 in 2022.

    We make money from renting through Justlink, renting Organic and selling iOS apps.

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  • What's the reason to buy/rent your apps? What makes you different from your competitors? On what do you make money?
    What's the reason to buy/rent your apps? What makes you different from your competitors? On what do you make money?

    Our applications are available for all traffic sources where ads can be launched from. Among the most popular ones are Facebook Ads (web2app or directly with the invitation of advertising account), Google UAC, In-app traffic (Unity Ads, Vungle, Mintegral, Bigo, etc.), ASO traffic, Popunder traffic.

    Our app designs in the Store look more aggressive and more gambling compared to competitors’ apps. Integrating with us takes minimum time for clients, feedback on technical and other issues is instant. We have managed to build and establish the process of providing applications according to the requests of teams in a very short period of time, listening to and taking into account the preferences of clients in each application on the design and the necessary technical features of the work of certain offers within our applications. We strive and earn money on what almost every media buying team or solo media buyer wants and that is turnkey private apps only and only for them.

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Alex Miller: some questions about moderation!

Trigger GEOs. Where is it better to stay away from because of moderation?

Skyline: It’s accepted to say so about India, Ireland, USA.

Mira: If the application has good cloaking, it is okay to try all geos. Anyway, USA and India, most bots and moderators are there.

IRENT: Definitely USA!


How to speed up the moderation process?

Skyline: In android development, it’s a completely random story, each team/service has a different approach to this. Someone accelerates by whitelisted applications, with a few before providing gambling apps. Somebody uploads a gambling app at once, but without web view, and with one, two, three updates, they upload it completely. Someone sins on the presence of certain SDKs in the application, so the rejection of them in favour of analogues (according to certain developers) demonstrates that moderation is faster. Someone spends much time on developer’s accounts, their quality, quality of farming, time spent away, GEO registration and so on. In addition, many people write letters after a certain period of time on moderation to Google with the question whether everything is in order, whether it is necessary to provide something else, so it helps to awaken the check and get a quicker response from the moderator. Someone puts apps out for verification through closed/open testing. There are so many ways for each team and everyone believes in their own, but there is no universal answer. In iOS development, moderation takes 1-3 days, which is fast enough.

Mira: You need to upload apps to trusted accounts with a long period of time, warmed up, on which there are already apps. Besides, comply with Google’s rules: remove triggers from the application, due to which the check can be longer than normal.

IRENT: There is no such method. On average, moderation in the App Store takes 2-3 days.

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  • How long will this traffic source live and what new features have emerged?
    How long will this traffic source live and what new features have emerged?

    Until app shops learn to mimic installs from different traffic sources, this should live happily ever after. In any case, the screws are tightening more and more, which is exactly the reason why we stopped making android apps. Our approach was no longer liked by Google as much as possible, and no matter what fantasies we put into practice, the passability we had before (5 out of 5, 10 out of 10) was no longer seen (3 out of 10, 1 out of 10, 0 out of 10). At the same time, our competitors’ android development is blooming and smelling, although, in our opinion, the applications have been banned more often, which makes it necessary to create even more of them. Things are better with iOS apps. Moreover, this source of traffic should have a long lifespan due to the fact that a huge number of developer accounts are purchased to place applications in the App Store and Play Market which brings companies big money).

    By and large, many rental app services or media buying teams with in-house development departments, if they have an established app creation/posting process, move to streamline processes that are time-consuming because they are manual.


    • Ads account sharing bot. To date, I can’t imagine there being a rental service without it, although, many large media buying teams I know still don’t have one.
    • In fact, push notifications are a whole universe, because many people deal with them very tightly – push notifications after installations, push notifications after registration (if there was no deposit for some time), push notifications on certain providers, collecting all users of the application by GEO with further game-wide push notifications, push notifications according to convenient daily schedule.
    • Transferring macros from softs on autoload to simplify naming generation and eliminate Naming/Deep Links errors.
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  • How long will this traffic source live and what new features have emerged?
    How long will this traffic source live and what new features have emerged?

    So far, I don’t see any suggestion that apps will become less in demand. Users still trust apps more, and it’s a good way to pin an offer on the phone screen rather than in a browser where you can close the tab. Then there’s the ability to admit an audience.

    Different types of verticals/offers started gaining popularity, the ability to make a different design and description for each country and each language in the Play Market.

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  • How long will this traffic source live and what new features have emerged?
    How long will this traffic source live and what new features have emerged?

    Exactly as long as the mobile app market will develop, and in the last 7-8 years the industry has only gained momentum.

    Among the latest cool updates, we have a feature coming out with the ability to save one’s “state” when visiting a product. Like, for example, a user played slots, closed the app, and as soon as they decided to go back to play, they’re back in the same slot again. This feature is available for Organic and Justlink rentals in our two latest apps, Dungeon of Gems and Cosmic Flux.

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Alex Miller: This is all very interesting, so it makes this really exciting to try out! Promo codes that give a discount or bonus are a good opportunity to evaluate all the possibilities of services! So, grab your app rental promo codes from our members!

IRENT promo code Skyline promo code Mira promo code
all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet irent 2 all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet skyline 2 all about apps rent media buying alex miller 3snet mira 1
A 30% bonus on the account (from the amount of top-up). Take your choice! 20% off the first week of sending traffic or free for the first 300 installs! Will receive a 15% discount on the first payment and 500 free installs.


You can find even more promo codes to help media buyers at!

This is the end of our fascinating interview! We will prepare something more useful and interesting for you soon! Subscribe and follow our updates to be the first to know!

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*Facebook social network is owned by Meta Corporation, which is considered extremist in Russia. The service is blocked by court order.

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