Login Casino Work offers the best jobs in gambling!

Publication date: 12 Jul 2021

The website – Login Casino work – for employers and employees in the gambling industry was launched. The main website’s focus is gambling business (bookmaking, gambling), gaming, casino, poker, a wide range of digital services (PPC, media buying, Google advertising, affiliate, web-development/programming, UI/UX, SEO, technical writing, graphic/web-design, SMM, digital marketing and PR).

The platform has the following advantages:

  • a website’s narrow focus, which covers all the gambling industry sectors
  • job offerings in Ukraine and abroad from widely-known employers
  • CVs of candidates who are interested in this vertical and understand its peculiarities
  • valuable recommendations for employees dedicated to preparing for a job interview, creating a flawless CV, etc.
  • regular news about the process of the gambling industry development
  • optimization of the circuit of closing a vacancy
  • personal manager and flexible partnership conditions.

Login Casino Work means the following for an employee:

  • job in Ukraine and abroad in big-name companies
  • verified and up-to-date job offerings with a respectable salary
  • regular news about the process of the gambling industry development
  • practical advice on how to get prepared for the job interview, create a flawless CV, etc.

For employers, the platform will provide an opportunity to choose the right employee for the hottest job offerings. Login Casino Work means the following for an employer:

  • reliable partner in searching for candidates in various areas of expertise
  • opportunity to find new employees from any region of the country or, if it is necessary, abroad
  • opportunity to choose those services, which will allow to effectively use the means for searching the best candidates for available vacancies
  • free trial period.

Login Casino Work is a platform, which promotes the gambling industry development in Ukraine and abroad through the union of qualified specialists with the best employers. &nbsp

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