What are the most popular websites?

Publication date: 16 Nov 2020

Two trends dominate 2020. Being deprived of many offline activities, people now have more time and spend it on various websites. Companies, in their turn, are developing and improving their online services. The internet is setting new records, and it comes as no surprise.

What are the most popular legal online bookmakers?

In October 2020, websites of legal bookmakers in Russia were visited by 30.6 million users—a 7.2% increase on September, a report by the SimilarWeb end-to-end analytics service based on data from 18 Russian sports betting providers showed.

  • In the last two-month period, the Fonbet bookmaker company led in terms of traffic volumes with 9.1 million visits per month. 5.3% of all bettors on Fonbet’s website have registered in the past six months. Fonbet is the only Russian legal bookmaker listed among the world’s 50 most visited bookmakers.
  • Winline and Liga Stavok ranked second. The latter, nevertheless, reported a 1.46% decline in the number of visits.
  • The VulkanBET bookmaker came last. With a 4.14% increase, their audience amounted to 72,200 people.

Learn more about legal bookmakers: What is TSUPIS, and who benefits from it?

What countries are using cryptocurrencies the most?

Asia, the United States, and Mexico are the regions where people use cryptocurrencies most actively, a report by Block showed. The report is based on information collected in October by Alexa?—?Amazon’s virtual assistant?—?and Similarweb about the most frequently used cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • 50.5% of the total traffic came from just six countries?—?United States, South Korea, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and Japan. The US was ranked No.1 with 11.4% of the total activity.
  • The report doesn’t provide any data on the activity of Chinese users, as crypto platforms are blocked in the country. Visits with a VPN or any similar software cannot be considered reliable.
  • Binance, with 31.5 million monthly traders, and Coinbase, with 22.9 million logins, are the world’s leading crypto exchanges. All other crypto exchanges were visited by less than 6 million users in October.
  • South Korea has the highest cryptocurrency interest relative to its population with 12.7 million visits registered within one month.

It is worth noting that the total number of crypto users has increased from 35 million to 101 million people since 2018, according to the University of Cambridge.

Why has pirated content nearly doubled?

Since the beginning of 2020, Roskomnadzor has blocked more than 10,000 pirate websites and their copies—twice more than in 2019. The number of links to illegal content on Runet has increased by 26% this year. According to Roskomnadzor, 4.2 million links have been blocked over the past six months most of them were shared on social networks. Experts say that modern technical means allow bypassing bans. If a pirate site is blocked, a dozen copies will appear. Among search engines, only Yandex and, sometimes, Google remove such links from their search results. &nbsp

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