What is TSUPIS, and who benefits from it?

Publication date: 23 Jan 2020

In Russian, TSUPIS is an abbreviation for “Center for taking interactive bets”. The center acts as an intermediary between the bettor and the bookmaker guaranteeing security of payments. On the other hand, TSUPIS acts as a creditor for the self-regulatory organization of Russian bookmakers. The center does not take bets on its own but transfers money from the bettor to the bettor’s account and vice-versa, when winnings are withdrawn.

The center was initially opened in 2014 to ensure safety and prevent fraud. Its activity is regulated by the law “On banks and banking activities”.

All legal betting companies in Russia are obliged to cooperate with TSUPIS. There are now three such centers—TSUPIS-1, TSUPIS-2, and TSUPIS-3.

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More about TSUPIS-1
The First TSUPIS was established by the First self-regulatory organization of bookmakers and the non-banking financial company “Mobilnaya karta OOO” on 31 March 2014. All payments go through the official website www.1cupis.ru. Questions can be addressed through the hotline at 8-800-100-40-88.

All most popular payment methods are available: cash, cards, e-wallets, mobile payments.

The First TSUPIS does not charge any fees for transactions except for payments made from Megafon mobile numbers. However, both banks and payment systems can charge their own fees. For example, a fee is definitely charged if payment is made from mobile phone balance.

Moreover, the bookmaker can withhold 13% of the bettor’s winnings as the personal income tax.

There are some transaction limits. The single transaction limit is set by the Russian legislation. Money deposit and withdrawal amounts vary depending on the payment method. In most cases, the maximum single transaction amount is 595,000 roubles. From 15,000 to 250,000 roubles can be deposited from e-wallets, 15,000 roubles in cash, and up to 15,000 roubles from mobile phones (depending on the provider). Money withdrawals are also limited to 595,000 roubles, except for the e-wallet limit of 100,000 roubles

The First TSUPIS can offer individual limits on both the maximum single transaction amount and total monthly amount. To get an increased limit, the bettor has to verify identity (with documents) in one of the “Svyaznoy” stores or the CONTACT Payment System service points.

Bookmakers who take bets through TSUPIS-1:

More about TSUPIS-2
The Second TSUPIS is a joint project by the self-regulatory organization “Association of betting agencies” and the Qiwi-Bank. It was launched in November 2016 and is also known as Qiwi-TSUPIS. The center does not have an official website, and all payments go through the Qiwi platform. Support service is provided by the Qiwi support team through email and the hotline.

Fees charged by Qiwi depend on which money transfer method the bettor chooses:

  • No fee on deposits of ≥1,000 roubles from a bank card;
  • From 7.5 to 12% on deposits from mobile phone balance;
  • No fee on deposits of ≥501 roubles in cash through a payment terminal.

Withdrawal fees, in their turn, depend on the withdrawal method and are specified in the payment form in each particular case.

Qiwi Wallet, which is the basic one for TSUPIS-2, has limits on payments, transfers, and the remaining balance given the minimum identity verification. Extended opportunities are offered to clients with the “Basic” or “Professional” status.

Bookmakers who take bets through TSUPIS-2:

More about TSUPIS-3
The Third TSUPIS (the non-banking financial company “Yedinaya kassa OOO”) is an organization providing e-wallet services. Banking License No. 3512-K dated November 7, 2016. Official website for Russian clients www.walletone.com/ru/wallet/.

The company undertakes to keep confidential and not to disclose personal information to third parties.

Wallet One has no wallet-opening or service fees. Account can be topped-up with cash, electronic money, or by transferring funds from a card. Most transactions are fees-free. Sometimes the payer can be charged 1-6% for a transfer.

TSUPIS-3 offers simplified identification, after which the client can withdraw 60,000 roubles in a single transaction, and has the remaining balance limit of 60,000 roubles and the monthly transaction limit of 200,000 roubles.

Once the full identification is completed, the client gets the following limits: a single transaction of 599,000 roubles, the monthly transaction limit of 3,000,000 roubles, and the remaining balance limit of 600,000 roubles.
Clients can contact the Wallet One support service by dialing +7 (495) 777-11-25 or sending an email to [email protected].

Bookmakers who take bets through TSUPIS-3:

How to register in TSUPIS?

  • The bettor can register in TSUPIS either before or after creating an account on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Only one registration is required. Then, bets can be placed on any website.
    If bets are placed at bookmakers working with different TSUPISes, a separate registration in each of the centers—TSUPIS-1, Qiwi-TSUPIS, and TSUPIS-3—is required.

A Russian law on the simplified identification of bettors was passed in 2019.

  • To register in the First TSUPIS, visit www.1cupis.ru, fill in the fields with a valid phone number and email address, and create a password. Enter a code received in the SMS. Choose a bookmaker and pass identification (on the bookie’s website, GosUslugi (public services) website, or in another suggested way). In some cases, an identification fee can be charged (up to 300 roubles).
  • To register in the Second TSUPIS, visit www.qiwi.com and create a wallet. Provide a valid phone number and confirm it by entering a code received in the SMS. Then, choose a password. If you already have a Qiwi account, no re-registration is required.
  • The Third TSUPIS offers bettors to pass online or full identification. There are also per currency identification and different identification methods for Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. To pass simplified identification, fill out the form and verify your identity with GosUslugi, for example. To pass full identification, choose one of the following options: visit the company’s office, provide notarized documents, verify identity in one of the “Euroset” stores or the CONTACT Payment System service points. Visit www.walletone.com/ru/wallet/ for more information about available identification methods.

It is worth noting the following:

  • Protect yourself from scams, register only on the TSUPIS official websites.
  • Phone numbers and other personal information in your TSUPIS and betting accounts have to match.

Why do bettors choose bookmakers who take bets through TSUPIS?

  • Bookmakers who take bets through TSUPIS operate legally on the territory of Russia. Their websites won’t be blocked by Russia’s consumer rights watchdog Roskomnadzor, and bettor won’t have to search for mirror sites.
    The betting process there is simple and easy-to-understand.
  • TSUPIS respects confidentiality: protection of personal information, safety of money, secure internet connections.
  • Identity verification guarantees the safety of underage or incapacitated persons.
  • Protection of bettor’s interests: TSUPIS support services will help deal with every issue, including payments to bookmakers.
  • Legal status of betting activities and simple taxation process: the bookmaker automatically withholds 13% of net winnings (winnings minus bet amount) when funds are withdrawn.

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