How to launch a profitable push campaign

Publication date: 27 Jul 2020

Today push traffic is one of the easiest ways to earn money. It works with almost all verticals and not only professionals but also newbies can run easily. Personal messaging of push notifications significantly increases engagement rates.

Push notifications have a lower price as compared with other ad formats. That’s why you can launch them even if your budget is limited. Tired of Facebook bans? Push ads have not so strict rules of moderation, so you can use more aggressive messages.

But what points should you take into account while launching push campaigns? Find a useful checklist from partner — RichAds advertising platform.

In RichAds you don’t have to optimize campaigns manually. Just use flagship features and let the platform do this work for you. Automated rules, Target CPA, and SmartCPC. In RichAds interface, you can find simple explanations on how to use each of these instruments. Use the promo code and get an additional 10% on your first deposit in RichAds!

1. Use CPC payment model for your first campaign

Use CPC payment model for your first campaignRemember that in case of push ads you pay not for impressions but clicks (CPC — Cost per Сlick). With the help of a certain function in the interface, you can control how often your ads will be shown to users.

Choosing between different payment models we recommend using Cost per Click in your push campaigns. This way you get a wide audience and huge traffic volumes to perform a/b tests.

There are some advantages of the CPC model you cannot but pay attention to. The sales funnel is quite short, so there are just a few steps before the conversion. Cost per Click allows getting only relevant audiences with the high possibility of conversion. Also, it’s quite easy to identify the budget of your campaign as you pay for clicks and it’s easy to count the total sum.

2. Make sure that all parts of your creative complement each other
Creative is the most important part of your push campaign. It is from creative that the sales funnel begins. The click of the user fully depends on it and its attractiveness in the user’s eyes.

To improve the campaign’s result you can launch your campaign for some special occasion and add emojis to your creatives.

There are 4 main elements of the creative:

  • Icon – draws the user’s attention. In mobile campaigns, icon is much more important than the main image.
  • Main image – reveals the sense of the offer.
  • Title – catches the eye.
  • Description – intrigues and sells the offer.

All the elements should be connected to create perfect concise ads with bright images and clear text.

3. Make 3-5 (up to 10) creatives for your campaign and test them
Remember that making creatives is 50% a lottery. You never know what works better that’s why a/b testing is a key to your success. Check your creatives by monitoring their CTR during testing.

How to launch a profitable push campaign

You can use text in the main image but not more than 2-3 words. Use large clear images without small elements.

Speaking about the icon, pay special attention to it when launching a mobile campaign as here the icon is the only catchy element. One large object on the icon would be a perfect solution.

Prepare a high-quality text for your creative. It should maintain the user’s interest, announce the news, and produce curiosity.

How to launch a profitable push campaign

4. Don’t forget about targeting options
The main types of targeting for push notifications are OS, browser, device, and new users’ engagement.

There are lots of other options at RichAds but we recommend using them only with specific offers. For example, for some campaigns you need to target users who speak a certain language or use a specific mobile operator.

5. Optimize after getting your first results
Use this small checklist to increase the performance of your push campaigns.

  • Check the performance of your creatives paying attention to their CTR.
  • Update your creatives regularly as even the best options tend to burn out.
  • Optimize targeting according to the main parameters from the previous point – device, OS, and browsers).
  • Exclude irrelevant sites, publishers or the whole subscribers lists as some of them may be non-converting and too expensive.

To know more about successful push campaigns download RichAds e-book “Growth with push ads” for FREE.

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