How to promote communities on Viber

Publication date: 12 Mar 2019

Experts say that messengers are becoming the most effective instrument for promotion taking it over from social networks, which are now overfilled with spammers, similar uninteresting posts, and ads. Users are shifting to messengers where their social circle is limited to close people and interesting communities. How one can take advantage of this format of communication and successfully promote business on Viber?

Expert advice for those who promote on Viber

  • Post only relevant content

It is a traditional and the most useful piece of advice. Information in messengers can be posted right after an event has taken place that is an important advantage over state media and news agencies. Information should be posted at once; otherwise, even the hottest news or meme can get cold in a few hours. Viber allows personalizing notification settings, and users see posts at a convenient time for them.

It is also important not to overload users with information as it annoys them and causes loss of credibility by the community.

  • Do not be too formal

Pay attention that Viber is not a personal page in a social network but a personal chat where you can communicate with users as if they are your good friends. Viber audience (84% of users are under 35) does not want you to sound formal as they find it irrelevant and boring.

Make use of entertainment content. Add memes, photos, pictures, and jokes to your informative posts.

  • Use a bot to personalize information

The abundance of information that surrounds users makes them notice only what interests them. Bots can help to determine interests of users and to provide them with relevant information.

  • Consider feedback

Feedback from users plays an important role in promotion. Messengers allow communicating with users in the most effective way:

  • clients get answers to their questions quickly;
  • companies can respond personally to negative feedback if needed.

Such personalized approach results in higher client loyalty.

Anonymous polls allow collecting user opinions of goods or services, and likes next to messages in the group chat show which information is popular among the audience.

  • Use extra features

Viber has introduced a lot of useful features for chats, and one of them is a wide selection of stickers. The popularity of stickers is explained by the fact that human brain processes images far faster than text. Besides, you can send a sticker in one click that is much easier than typing a sentence. No wonder that the most popular stickers are those with common phrases, like “Hello, Good night, I love you”.

Moreover, Viber has clickable stickers that redirect users to a web page, whether this is a landing page or a big web portal.

Another way to promote something on Viber is to share the community directly or to add its badge to materials. You can also make use of available ad formats. Depending on personal settings, ads will be seen after a call, within communities, or on the chats list on Viber for desktop. The main advantage of these ads is their personalization: the messenger analyzes information about gender, age, location, and interests of users.

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