How to work with Telegram’s new platform called Nativity?

Publication date: 02 Mar 2023

Telegram announced the launch of a new automated advertising platform named Nativity. The new service allows working in compliance with the law on labelling advertising in Russia: an advertising campaign includes receiving a token and generating a report.

Payment is made according to the CPV (Cost per View) model, i.e., not per placement or number of impressions, but per view of the ad.

Currently there are over 2000 channels with new channels filtered for the presence of bots and cheats. Among the Nativity offers is placement in News & Politics, Author’s Top Channels, Business & Management, Finance & Investments. Targeting of the audience is carried out on 75 segments.

Detailed and end-to-end analytics make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of channels and placements, as well as provide a forecast of coverage and cost. 

In addition to independent advertising campaign management, the Telegram platform offers a free service for personal support and the formation of the full cycle of the advertising campaign.

How to place ads in Telegram channels with Nativity?

  1.     Register on the platform or apply for personal maintenance.
  2.     Choose your ad campaign parameters: budget and bids, views, targeting.
  3.     Upload a creative to get a token or make a request to the consideration of communication. 
  4.     Get an invoice, media plan and electronic document management (EDM) agreement in your personal account.
  5.     Run a CPV ad campaign.

Advertisers and representatives of advertising agencies can get access to the new Telegram advertising platform through their personal manager from January 17.  

Telegram advertising: self-targeting

In the spring of 2023, Nativity launched an advertising office with self-targeting capabilities. This will allow advertisers to choose an audience among verified channels. The ad campaign has all the tools needed for effective promotion: the ability to analyze audience volumes, select the desired targeting and set targeting metrics for them, set click-through rates and predict campaign results. Targeting across 80 criteria, from GEO to targeting, is now available in Nativity. The platform’s algorithms will help select the optimal CPV metrics for a given targeting.

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