How to maximize app revenue?

Publication date: 15 Sep 2022

According to experts, the use of mobile devices is already prevalent around the world, with around 80% of players using them.  By the end of 2022, Cisco expects the number of smartphones globally to grow by another 7%. Against this backdrop, the importance of mobile apps is clear: their convenience, simplicity and accessibility allow the betting industry to grow. It is important not only to create an app that works effectively, but also to promote it intelligently.

New sports betting apps: micro betting and Disney

Disney has launched the development of a dedicated sports betting app.

Discussing the contract with sports broadcaster ESPN, CEO Bob Chapek said that direct connections with the consumer – including sports betting – are very important to the company. “We see our younger audience – under 35 – seeing betting as part of their lifestyle,” Chapek clarified.

Asked if the Walt Disney Company is developing a sports betting app, Chapek said, “We are working very hard on it.”

US company Betr has launched the world’s first micro betting app. It allows users to predict the outcome of every moment of a sporting event: every service, bat hit, any movement (pass, goal) by football players.

“The future of the sports betting industry is finally here. We have launched something new, unusual and interesting. This is something that the industry needs because all the other operators in this field are essentially offering the same commodity product,” commented Alex Ursa, head of product at Betr.

Meanwhile, he clarified that the new micro betting app is a free gaming experience that the company is using as a platform to register and adapt users.

The app is currently free and only available in the US. Players can now bet coins, which can then be exchanged for real prizes. In the near future, the company’s management plans to obtain gambling licenses in various US states and start accepting real-money bets.

Easy monetization of an app from Yandex

Yandex presented a new solution that will maximize the income of a mobile app by showing different advertising systems.

Easy monetization is an opportunity to use more than 10 advertising systems simultaneously without having to register and configure each one separately. At the same time, app owners will have access to a personal cabinet with statistics for each network.

Banners, reward videos, full-screen and native ads are supported in Easy Monetization.

How does easy monetization from Yandex work?

  • Yandex experts will set up places in advertising networks and make adjustments.
  • In-App Bidding allows you to receive bids from ad networks that support this technology in real time.
  • The self-learning smart waterfall predicts the order in which bids are requested from other ad networks.

“As part of testing with one of the partners, Easy Monetization increased the app’s advertising revenue by more than 1.5 times,” said Oleg Avdienkov, Yandex’s head of mobile mediation products.

The new service is currently in beta testing. It is expected to be available to all users after December 2022.

Payments from all networks will be received monthly in one payment. There is no minimum threshold for withdrawing funds for each advertising network – a single Easy Monetization threshold of 5,000 roubles is used. The commission for using the service is 10% of the advertising reward.

New tools for promoting applications in RuStore

The digital RuStore marketplace has prepared new tools for promoting apps: 

  • Push promotion management is available independently from your account: you need to come up with a name, specify the name of the Android package and the signature imprint.
  • The possibility to create deep links, special links leading to the shop or to the app installed on the smartphone. They will reduce the number of intermediate user actions and help to get to the right page immediately.
  • The “Available in RuStore” button can also be created in a personal account and can be independently placed on the site and other platforms.

It is planned that by the end of 2022, the app shop will also feature marketing tools and analytics.


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