How much can be earned on sports?

Publication date: 23 Dec 2022

It’s not a secret that sporting events bring in profits for everyone in the betting market. The last FIFA World Cup proved that.  Bookmakers set their records in profit, while the webmasters just got richer.

Betting companies named the most profitable matches of the FIFA World Cup

BC Betcity’s Qatar World Cup turnover was 31% higher than the previous mundial, which took place in Russia in 2018. It was unequivocally the top sporting event of 2022. 

The finals attracted the most attention, with the France vs Argentina game accounting for 6.5% of total bets placed on championship matches. Furthermore, 30% of bets were made on Argentina, 30% on the draw and 40% on France. The Netherlands-Argentina match came second in terms of betting volume with 3.9% of total bets.

  • According to preliminary estimates, FIFA earned $10.5 billion from the World Cup!

In BC PARI, the final has also become the highest staking match of the World Cup. Therefore, 7.58% of all the bets on this match were placed on 18 December. The top 5 of the most profitable matches for PARI included Morocco-Spain, Denmark-Tunisia, Morocco-Portugal and England-USA.

In BC Olimp, the number of accepted bets on 2022 FIFA World Cup was “many times higher” than at the end of the Euros. The 2022 FIFA World Cup surpassed the 2020 UEFA European Championship by 47% both in total amount of bets and total number of line and live events.

According to the Unified Gambling Regulator (ERAI) of Russia, during the 2022 FIFA World Cup play-offs (3 to 18 December) the customers of BCs bet over 80 billion roubles.

  • It is not only bookmakers who make money! During the World Cup finals, bars and pubs across Russia recorded an increase in revenues of almost a third, i.e., 30% more than on a typical Sunday.

The US has ranked the year’s sporting events in terms of popularity among bettors. According to GeoComply (geolocation and fraud protection for online gambling), the 18 December 2022 match between Argentina and France attracted 7.9 million transactions. The number of active users who placed bets on various World Cup events was 1.7 million. However, that’s only number two!

In first place among betting fans in the USA was Super Bowl LVI, the final game for the National Football League (NFL) title. The game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals on the night of 13-14 February saw 23.5 million transactions.  The season’s events were actively followed by 3.1 million users.

In third place was the NBA Finals (5.1 million transactions) and in fourth place was “March Madness”, the NCAA basketball championship playoffs (4.8 million transactions).

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is over, but life still goes on! Choose a betting offer and make money! With 3SNET you can do more than you think!

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