Google Ads: New Features and Enhancements

Publication date: 14 Jul 2023

Google has released version 2.4 of the Google Ads editor. The new version includes some interesting updates and enhancements that can make promoting online betting and gambling more convenient. 

How to work with Google Ads Editor 2.4?

More news about Google Ads:

The biggest improvements were in working with video. 

  1. All Videos in One Place

The new video resource library will allow you to quickly find and use all of your account’s videos. Access can be found under Shared Library > Resource Library > Videos.  A handy search allows you to find the right recording and add it to your listing. There is a metadata view for each video: thumbnail, title, channel name, and recording duration.

  1. YouTube Only

Now all video campaigns are automatically targeted to YouTube search engine and YouTube video networks. Therefore, the new editor has removed the option to select networks individually. The only remaining setting is the Video Partners option providing a more streamlined process for managing video campaigns.

  1. No Video Enhancement

To give advertisers more control over their videos, version 2.4 introduces a new setting to turn video enhancements on or off. This feature enables you to choose whether or not to apply video enhancements to your ad campaigns.  


The rest of the updates and improvements in Google Ads 2.4 focus on the ability to share and plan ad campaigns.

  1. Simultaneous Access to Multiple Accounts 

Previously, users could only access one account at a time. For improved analysis and comparison capabilities, the new Google Ads 2.4 introduces the ability to review multiple accounts at once. In the “Review” tab, the user can get a summary of all available accounts, which will allow to improve the advertising campaign. 

  1. Integration with Google Drive

Google Ads editor version 2.4 features integration with Google Drive. This lets users export or import campaigns, share files with other users.

  1. Post Scheduling 

A new feature in Google Ads 2.4 allows you to schedule publications to go out at a specified time.  

  1. Editable Groups and Lists 

Earlier, Google Editor only allowed you to manage products and groups via CSV import, making the process complex and time-consuming. In the new version 2.4, the management of product groups and listings is implemented within the platform. A dialogue is available in the interface to visualize and maintain the structure of groups and lists. 

  1. “Download”

The “Download” function (“Get the latest changes”) has been improved in Editor 2.4. You can now upload campaigns, products and their combinations, schedule automatic downloads for specific campaigns and products.

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