YouTube Originals and Facebook offer more opportunities

Publication date: 06 May 2019

YouTube Originals offers more opportunities to advertisers

Users will soon be able to watch series and shows on the YouTube Originals platform for free, as Google switches to an ad-supported model. Content on the platform is now available only to subscribers, and the subscription costs $11.99 a month in the U.S. Some content, however, is available to all users even without any paid subscription.

The streaming video platform believes that this decision will give advertisers more opportunities for interactive communication with their intended audience.

Facebook promotes new Groups

The social network has launched a wide-scale campaign called “More Together” focused on a redesigned Groups feature. The company now sees Facebook Groups as a place where people from different backgrounds come together over shared interests and experiences.

Mark Zuckerberg earlier spoke about updates on Facebook among which are a new design of the Facebook app and a new Facebook’s mission–message encryption to keep communication private. Attention was also focused on interoperability between Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram that would let users communicate across the company’s different platforms.

After the redesign, the News Feed will no longer be a top priority, and the focus will shift to Groups. Messenger will have a Close Friend tab with big previews of friends’ Stories and messages.

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