TikTok advertising: effectiveness, new instruments and unexpected trends

Publication date: 13 Oct 2021

Disqo framework conducted an independent study in the autumn of 2021 and evaluated the potential of TikTok for advertisers. It turned out that ads on the app attract more users than on other social networks, and are more likely to prompt them into taking the right action. In addition, older and wealthier people spend just as much time on TikTok as younger and less affluent people.

  • TikTok offers several advertising formats, from short clips in the recommendation feed to full-screen banners and collaborations with Influencers. In addition to the variety of formats, the ads themselves don’t distract too much from the main content.

The effectiveness of TikTok advertising: research results

  • Almost one in three respondents (29%) say that there are interesting projects to be found on TikTok.
  • 52% described the advertising on the platform as “fun and involving”.
  • 32% have researched a product or project after watching a video about it. However, 13% downloaded the app and 12% purchased the products featured in the videos.

Moreover, Disqo found that wealthy people use the app just as much as younger, and less affluent people. 53% of respondents with incomes of $150,000 or more, visit the platform nearly every day.

Even older people (who tend to be more affluent) use TikTok almost as often as younger people. According to Disqo, more than 50% of respondents aged 35-54 log into the app every day.

TikTok has announced two new types of advertising: collection ads and dynamic collection ads.

  • A collection of ads will allow brands to include user-defined product cards in their feed video ads.
  • With Dynamic Collection ads, companies will be able to show users targeted ads based on their interests.

Dating in TikTok: new trends in dating

During the quarantine period, many people faced a lack of communication and began to appreciate it especially. As the experts found out, more and more users are now looking for their friends of interest online.

As an example, the youth community DMV Besties from TikTok showed success – in just a few months, it gathered a large audience, and its groups were launched on other platforms as well. How it worked: ten young residents of Washington, D.C., who made friends in TikTok, organized a spontaneous meeting in July, and more than 200 people showed up.

Dating services are also taking notice of the trend. For example, the dating service Bumble has launched an unusual function for its traditional dating app. Bumble BFF allows you to find friends. The company reported that in the first three months of 2021, the average time spent on the app increased globally by 44% for women and 83% for men. Besides, more than 90% of women who started using the app in March this year, found at least one friend.

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