Sports betting: how to advertise appropriately in Europe

Publication date: 01 Mar 2021

Gambling associations have cracked down on betting since the pandemic started. The number of internet users has increased dramatically web advertisements have also grown in number. One should notice, besides, that casino and sporting ads tends to affect people substantially, especially children and gaming addicts.

German bookmakers are suffering losses due to new lawful practices

The German sports betting association (DSWV) speaks for resuming online bookmakers licensing, heretofore suspended, as the legal sports betting market turnover decreased by 16.1%. The Federal Ministry of Finance states that this sector turnover dropped from 9.3 bn. euros in 2019 to 7.8 bn. euros in 2020. Tax revenue also dropped by 16.2% to 389 million euros. Read more: How to guide traffic to the gambling websites of Germany? “Our rules and a system for protection from illegal offshore operators – both need improvement. Otherwise, respectable companies desiring to work in Germany will get off that train,” Matias Dams, President of DSMV, said.

Restrictions in Britain: footballers can’t advertise gambling

BGC (British Gambling Commission) is tying down football clubs. The FC Arsenal tried to advertise its betting partner in social networks, therefore some restrictions have been imposed. Sports clubs now can`t agitate for any action or post links to gambling websites without special advertising marks. Placing any offers of bonuses or betting rates which are not appropriate to target users under 18 is also banned. Amidst, the British regulator provides high quality support services develops the software for correct gambling advertising and takes into account gambling addicts` concerns. Gambling advertising is thoroughly monitored and controlled in Spain. Protective measures involve banning gambling commercials with sports stars: sportsmen are not allowed to appear in commercials to advertise gambling or sports betting. This will protect the minor and the gambling addicts. Gaming operators can advertise their services on their websites.

The European Union against fraudulent sports betting

Non-commercial organization for fair competition in sport CSCF Foundation has set up IntegriSport Next ERASMUS+ in the European Union. Six EU members` cooperation intends to increase sportsmen`s, fans`, and bettors` awareness of contractual matches risks and cheating in sports betting. The new project involves six countries – Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Malta, and Sweden. Execution will mainly be a responsibility of governments, law enforcement authorities, and authorized agencies to struggle against outlaw manipulations.

  • In the USA, above all, casino incomes have fallen to reach the lowest in the last 17 years position. In 2020, against the pandemic, there was the lowest ever registered revenue drop as the GGR Casino of America income decreased by 31.3 % in comparison to 2019. The American Gaming Association (AGA) states online betting to be the factor to soften the blow. In New Jersey , for instance, total income from bets made in December reached $996.3 million, which was a record. Annual figures indicate growth by 33% ($6 bn.)
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