The CIS: Changes in the Regulations of Gambling

Publication date: 01 Feb 2021

Some changes in the regulations of gambling came into effect in the CIS countries in January, 2021.

Uzbekistan Sets up Sports Betting

Uzbekistan authorities are negotiating with foreign partners in order to empower sports betting in the country on a legal basis. New laws have already legitimized bookmaking (since January 1, 2021). Bookmaking is officially regarded as a considerably complex integrated business. Law making, therefore, should be elaborate, they announce. At the moment, the system of regulations and restrictions is being deliberated. In the future, providers and operators will be subject to licensing.

Fair Market Competition in Kazakhstan

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declares the national economy to be sustaining damages from state influencers and private monopolists. The President authorized the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition to conduct the research enabling them to analyze expediency of the monopolistic organizations. As a result, some economic opportunities will be accommodated through new laws. The Bill intended to disrupt the barriers to private competition has to be passed by January 1, 2022. Unless this is done, the introduction of new state and private operators is outlawed. In addition, the Decree of the President applies to the controversial project, previously meant to control and support The Rates Center.

  • It is worth noting: Gamble Supervision in Russia. In Russia gamble supervision is under the state control. Now it is being thoroughly monitored in order to enhance the regulation. Thus, Federal Law FZ-493, dated December 30, 2020 “On the public law organization “The United Regulator for Gambling” contemplates the necessity of establishing a state agency responsible for the government administration of gambling ventures and parallel activities. Gambling regulation in Russia: driving traffic – where to?

Kyrgyzstan legitimizes gambling

Another Central Asia country initiates legal gambling! In Kyrgyzstan the gambling zone establishment is under consideration. This new project is seen by the promoters and is requested to be treated as a powerful instrument for tourism development. Inasmuch as the federal budget has been underfunded since 2012, when the sector fell under the veto, and due to the budget losses (without tax revenue from gambling) equal or exceeding с600 m = $7.07 m, the labour market has suffered too. Approximately 11.000 employees have been made redundant.

Gambling Organizers Will Abide By The New Rules In Belarus

On January 20, 2021, the new compliance framework to control gambling organizers and tax advisors came into practice according to the Resolution of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties RB on November 19, 2020. These new requirements are said to be triggered by the necessity to increase control in this sector of economy: detect and prevent illegal incomes legalization, terrorism financing, arms proliferation. Thereby, self-monitoring at least once a year is obligatory for the organizers (on-land and virtual casinos respectively).

On-line Casinos Are Being Barred In Moldova

Moldova proclaimed non-legitimated (non-state) gambling the criminal offence and broadened the borders of responsibilities of the State Service Agency to control on-line gambling. The SSA will monitor those web-services associated with illegal casinos and bookmakers` platforms. Internet users, companies, media companies, agencies etc. are expected to demonstrate awareness, conscientiousness and reliability, and inform SSA on any on-line gambling activity banned.

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