3Snet - The Balance Cryptoforum will take place on 14 and 15 December 2022
The Balance Cryptoforum will take place on 14 and 15 December 2022

Publication date: 24 Nov 2022

On 14 and 15 December 2022, the Balance Cryptoforum will be held in St. Petersburg. For the first time, the focus of such a large-scale event in the world of blockchain and decentralized finance will be on people, their new thinking and well-being.

Balance will bring together 5,000 participants ready to think on the scale of industry 3.0, where knowledge about blockchain and finance helps to adapt in all conditions: keep a balance when circumstances change, preserve assets and find better financial solutions, move forward to your goals with web 3.0 capabilities.

A unique feature of the conference will be a large NFT gallery featuring the work of performers, artists and bloggers. As well as inspiring TED-style speeches about new meanings and big ideas of the web 3.0 era. There will be talk about trends, the future and the resilience of the human condition in a turbulent world that blockchain technology can provide.

The forum’s producer and main ideological inspirer is Vladislav Martynov, a Russian entrepreneur and investor, Ethereum Advisor, co-founder of Yota Devices, and founder of BlockGeeks, one of the largest blockchain education platforms on the web. As part of the conference, Vladislav Martynov will present his new project People 3.0. It is a unique, personally collected by Vladislav, expert selection of speeches, lectures and materials from leading representatives of the crypto-industry on the most relevant topics of the field.

A special guest of the event will be Irina Khakamada who is a life coach, writer, publicist, public figure, “politician of the XXI century” according to Time magazine. Irina will give a master class entitled “Emotional Capital. How to turn emotions into income”.

Speakers of the Balance Forum:

  • Vladislav Martynov, Russian entrepreneur and investor, Ethereum advisor, co-founder of Yota Devices and founder of BlockGeeks – one of the largest blockchain education platforms on the web;
    Irina Hakamada, life coach, writer, publicist, public figure, “politician of the XXI century” according to Time magazine.
  • Vladislav Utushkin, founder of TTM Group, entrepreneur, and a regular expert on Bitcoin.com, BeInCrypto, Hackernoon, and the Kommersant and Vedomosti publications, will talk about trends in niche training;
  • Igor Pavlenko, venture investor, founder of the Blago capital cryptocurrency fund and author of the Blago Trading Telegram channel;
    Anton Klevtsov, investor since 2017, trader with 12 years of experience and thousands of positively closed deals; author of a useful channel for traders/investors, changing the usual view of the stock market;
  • Leonid Maloletov, trader, blogger. Creator of one of the largest community of traders in Russia;
  • Philip Guzeniuk, a coach of top officials from the Forbes list and a guest expert at the Skolkovo business school, will deliver a lecture on “How to effectively manage your wealth in turbulent times”;
  • Maxim Burkov, creator of the Pro Blockchain platform
  • Alexey Komov (Zeskulls), musician, producer, digital artist, founder of the Amadei platform for musicians, producer of NFT projects, will share his knowledge of NFT in music, film and TV shows;
    Ekaterina Ivanchikova (IOWA), singer, blogger, vocalist and songwriter for the IOWA music band, will present and open the sale of her NFT collection;
  • and many others. More than 70 speakers will address the participants of the Balance Forum during the two days.

The most interesting forum events will be broadcast online and covered from an open studio by:

Elnara Petrova, crypto-friendly entrepreneur, founder and director of the NextMedia Expert Marketing Agency; author and host of the NextMedia Podcast, an expert podcast about new media and the social Internet; media manager, representing the telegram channels NFT Reality and Easy market crypto; as well as Kirill Malev, JR partner at First Stage Labs.

The forum participants will enjoy:

  • a quick immersion into the world of blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency for beginners;
  • an overview of new promising markets and income growth tools for beginners and experienced investors;
  • introduction to NFT technology and other audience monetization models for bloggers, artists and performers. In the digital gallery, which includes 35 artists, all 5,000 guests of the forum will have the opportunity not only to purchase NFT works, but also to gain an insight into the trends of the NFT-industry;
  • special panel sessions from the forum partners who are the editors of the NFT Reality and Easy market crypto Telegram channels.

A separate stage will be opened for guests of the BUSINESS and VIP categories with a more in-depth breakdown of forum topics in panel discussions, an overview of potentially financially successful projects and opportunity markers from key market players, as well as start-up presentations and NFT idea pitching.

This year’s event will be organized by Stepan Pestryakov, producer, concert promoter of Comedy Club Production and TNT channel’s offline events since 2006, as well as the founder of TvoyProducer.ru, together with Vladislav Martynov, producer and author of the People 3.0 idea.

Organizers set an ambitious goal – to gather a progressive community of people for post-forum interaction, exchange of experience and resources, uniting them for the realization of bright large-scale projects and collaborations.

For forum participants of BUSINESS and VIP categories, the event will be finished with a closed afterparty, the first decentralized festival Cryptochella (which will take place on 15 December, at 22:00).

Tickets may be purchased by clicking here. For 3SNET readers, there is a 10% discount on all forum ticket categories with the promo code 3SNET.

All the details about the forum, as well as all the most interesting things happening in the blockchain world, can be found in Balance’s Telegram channel.

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