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The beginning of 2022 was rich in various events. This included a court ruling on […]

In March and April 2022, the proportion of Russians who regarded television as the most […]

The advertising market is changing rapidly around the world. For a variety of reasons, some […]

In short: in 2022, the sector expects more hacking attacks, metaverse wars, and a convergence […]

Meta has announced the lifting of its 2018 ban on advertising for cryptocurrency companies on […]

Gambling advertising doesn’t stand still, with news about new conditions on different platforms appearing almost […]

In the autumn of 2021, Facebook Corporation (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp brands) changed its name to […]

Things are heating up around Facebook. In October 2021, it was reported that Facebook Corporation […]

In 2018, Instagram’s audience reached one billion users, Mark Zuckerberg called this event “an incredible […]

The economic situation in the world is still grim, with the coronavirus and restrictions of […]