How to promote betting and gambling: October 2022

Publication date: 02 Nov 2022

It’s the last month of autumn, and it’s time to find out how the legal system changed in different countries in October 2022.  Where casinos and betting shops are moving closer to full legalization, and where they are considered a crime. Find out what happened in October 2022 in 3SNET’s “How to promote betting and gambling around the world” selection. 

Russia focused on blocking illegal bookmakers’ websites 

The first phase of the Shambhala casino has been built in the Yantarnaya gambling zone. The total area of the one-storey casino building is 3.25 thousand square meters. The entire complex will also include a five-star hotel, three restaurants, a spa, a banquet hall and a sports hall. As clarified by Alexander Bashin, the developer of the project, the casino will begin operations as soon as the gambling license is obtained.
One of the casinos in Krasnaya Polyana – Boomerang – has won the federal award Quality of Service and Consumer Rights. The establishment received an award in the Entertainment Industry category. According to the jury, Boomerang’s advantage over other venues lies in the show programs organized on a daily basis.  Read more about gambling zones in the article “How does the gambling market work in Russia?”

In the 3rd quarter of 2022, the Unified Gambling Regulator has transferred 3.3 billion roubles in targeted allocations from operations of betting companies to sports federations and professional leagues. This represents an 8% increase on the previous quarter. The highest targeted allocations went to the Football Union of Russia, the Table Tennis Federation of Russia and the Russian Tennis Federation. According to the Unified Gambling Regulator, the growth in the targeted allocations is due to the reduction of the shadow market by identifying and blocking the websites of unscrupulous gambling organizers. The total revenue of betting companies from receiving bets and interactive betting in the 3rd quarter of 2022 increased by 5% compared to the 2nd quarter. Bookmakers operating under the, Winline and 1xStavka brands earned the most. How does the legal market work in Russia and how to promote online betting?  

Offshore casinos are being tried in Europe and interesting reforms are being introduced 

An interesting court ruling has been issued in Germany! It is now up to the court in Munich for offshore online casinos to reimburse losses of players in any case. However, the question is about losses made before 1 July 2021. Exactly before that date, the country officially had a total ban on online gambling, although the shadow sector flourished. As foreign casinos were operating illegally in the territory, they are now obliged to reimburse all player losses. Meanwhile, in the 3rd quarter of 2022 German gambling tax revenues amounted to €596.1 million. Compared to the previous year, the revenues have increased by 15.5%.

Spain begins gambling law reform! In October 2022, the senate approved amendments to the country’s gambling law of 2011. 

  • A Global Betting Market Research Service (SIGMA) is to be established and will be operated by the DGOJ regulator. This single database will include “persons involved in illegal gambling activities or fraud related to betting and gambling”. The information will be open to all agencies involved in eradicating fraud and manipulation in betting. 
  • There are also plans to change the rules for advertising. It must become “socially responsible”, i.e., not contain anti-social and unacceptable content. Likewise, gambling advertising in Spain cannot claim that gambling is a way to improve health or a way of life. Gambling websites or apps must provide the user with information on self-exclusion, customer service numbers and gambling control tools.
  • Read about the peculiarities of affiliate marketing and advertising in Spain!

In Sweden, gross gambling revenue for the 2nd quarter of 2022 was SEK 6.75 billion (around EUR 618 million). As the regulator Spelinspektionen specifies, compared to the same period last year, gambling revenue increased by 4%. At the same time, SEK 4.22 billion of income was received by online gambling operators, which is EUR 120 million more than a year earlier.  The Swedish gambling market is doing well because all types of betting and gambling are legalized there!  

It is suggested to abolish Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission (KRAIL) in Ukraine and to introduce automatic issuing of gambling licenses according to exhaustive criteria. Taxes will also be automatically deducted when funds are deposited into an account. Recall that in October, the Ukrainian gambling business came under the control of the Ministry (the legalization of gambling in Ukraine was previously under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy).  

Asian gambling is a crime or corruption?  

In Kazakhstan, gambling and sports betting increased 8.4 times in monetary terms and 7.8 times in real terms in the 1st half of 2022. According to the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it reached 294.41 billion tenge. And that’s without taking into account the non-observed sector of the economy! Indeed, it’s time to do something about shadow sector of gambling and betting in Kazakhstan
Local civil servants who spent 507 million tenge ($1.07 million) on gambling also distinguished themselves. A prosecutor’s office audit showed the highest number of gamblers was among Interior Ministry and the Defence Ministry officials. For example, an employee of the Astana Administration, with an annual income of 10 million tenge ($21,000), visited the Bellagio casino 54 times and spent 53 million tenge ($112,000) there.

In Japan, gambling at online casinos has become a crime! It has now made it completely illegal to use foreign gambling sites for playing games. This applies even to sites that operate legally in other countries. You will be punished for connecting from Japan to a service located in another country. A fine of up to USD 3,000 or imprisonment for up to 3 years can be imposed for this crime.  Everything is strict in Japan, but what kind of gambling is permitted here?  

Africa is about to make a profit from legalized gambling  

In Nigeria, online gambling operators with offshore licenses may be permitted to operate. Companies will be eligible for a remote operator permit if they are already licensed in another jurisdiction and want to offer their services to Nigerian players. This will allow operators to offer online casino games, bingo, slots, sports betting and poker. According to the authorities, this will help replenish the state budget. 

Another African country wants to improve its poor financial position by legalizing the operation of bookmakers. Liberia has created a bill aimed at creating a regulated betting market in the country. It is expected to have a positive effect on solving the problem of poverty, which the Liberian authorities have been trying unsuccessfully to deal with for many decades. Liberia is the poorest country in West Africa and the third poorest in the world. Unemployment rates reach 85% and 70% of Liberians live on less than $2 a day. Despite the appalling poverty, thousands of unemployed Liberians spend much of their time at betting shops, where they wager their last penny in the hope of generating a modest income. Here they also have the option of watching football matches on satellite television.  

North and South America are increasingly in favour of legitimate betting shops and casinos

The launch of licensed online gambling sites has been temporarily delayed in Cordoba province, Argentina. The sites of the 8 operators, which have signed an agreement with Loteria de Córdoba, were due to launch on 27 October. Nevertheless, the local regulator did not complete the paperwork in time.  Local betting operators hope that the signing of the documents will take place as soon as possible, which would allow online betting to start immediately a few days before the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup that begins on 20 November.
As a reminder, online gambling in Argentina is regulated at the provincial level. Online betting is already accepted in 12 provinces of Argentina: Mendoza, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Chaco, Misiones, San Luis, Tucumán, Entre Ríos, La Pampa, Neuquén, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz. 

Uruguay has prepared a project to legalize online gambling, which could be submitted for approval as early as November 2022.  The new document proposes to allow the launch of online casinos to those land-based casino operators who work within the framework of concession agreements. The General Directorate of Casino (DGC) will control online gaming and issue licenses. 

Brazil has approved a bill to regulate fantasy sports and eSports.  They are now not recognized as gambling, so taxes on income from these activities will be reduced. The Brazilian Association of Fantasy Sports (ABFS) clarified that this sector generates taxes, jobs and an annual turnover of almost 70 million reais.
The popularity of women’s football has led to an increase in sports betting in Brazil! Bookmaker Casa de Apostas, for example, has sports betting on women’s championships up 139% this year compared to 2021, with over 95% of bets placed on Brazilian women. According to BC Esportes da Sorte, betting on the women’s games in 2022 has tripled compared to last year. Market participants believe that this state of affairs is due to both the quantitative growth of women’s competitions and the increase in the audience. All about legal and illegal bookmakers in Brazil can be found in the 3SNET review!

A new bookmaker revenue record has been set in the US! In September, the GGR (gross gaming revenue) of betting operators in New York State reached $143.3 million, surpassing the previous record ($124.1 million) by 15.5%. The state’s market leaders are FanDuel (Flutter), DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, Rush Street Interactive and PointsBet. Keep in mind that sports betting has only been legalized in the state of New York since 1 January 2022.  Read more about legalization of gambling in the US: how each state decides. 

Australia is setting records for losing money!  

Australia has become one of the world leaders in gambling losses! According to the Alliance for Gambling Reform (AGR), residents of 5 states lost more than $7 billion (about $411 per adult resident) last year. Experts believe Australians’ spending on gambling will only increase in the near future. It is expected that they could reach $8.1 billion next year.

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