How to promote betting and gambling: news for May in 3SNET reviews

Publication date: 09 Jun 2022

The gambling market in many countries is very active and does not stand still. Every month there are different changes, new laws are passed and various initiatives are created. We suggest you find out what has changed in May 2022 in the regulation and advertising rules for casinos and betting companies in different countries.

Right now, the legalisation of gambling is in full swing in Brazil.  President Jair Bolsonaro, officials and deputies are strongly against making gambling and betting legal. But they admit “since this activity exists and we have no way of preventing it, we understand that it must be legalised and taxed”.  Want to know how the Brazilian gambling market works, how to attract players to casino and betting sites, and how to generate creatives – read the review “How to promote betting and gambling in Brazil?”

  • And here’s brand new information and a new review on 3SNET! How to promote betting and gambling in Thailand? All about what’s happening in this country, how beneficial is GEO: Thailand and how can you make money with online casinos and bookmakers from Thailand?

Poland is proposing to change the tax laws for bookmakers. What’s surprising is that they want to lower the tax burden for betting companies and therefore make the working conditions even more profitable and comfortable. We also found out which are the most popular sources for promoting gambling and betting in Poland and added a new video – how to drive traffic to Poland? Read in full the information about permitted and prohibited online casinos and betting sites, attracting new players to the sites and the prospects for development in our review about Poland.

In Spain, two pieces of news are both good! Bookmakers can become even more useful and start funding the development of sports in the country. José Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Sports Association (Adesp), has come up with such a proposal – to direct 1% of BC’s revenue to increase investment in sports.  Moreover, gambling in Spain has become the largest and most profitable area of e-commerce with 6.9% of revenues.  Find out how to target casino traffic, features of affiliate marketing and advertising in Spain in the Review “How to drive gambling traffic in Spain?”.

The US is reporting records too! For Q1 2022, the country’s gambling revenue rose 28.6% to $14.31 billion, with three states – Arkansas, Florida and New York – setting new quarterly revenue records! And in the 4 years (from 2018) since the legalisation of gambling in the US, Americans have spent $125 billion on sports betting. It makes sense that the legalisation of casinos and bookmakers is being joined by more and more states saying yes to legal casinos and bookmakers! Read about why America is calling for legal gambling to be promoted more actively, how to work with the target audience from this country and much more in the related Review on 3SNET.

Canada has updated its advertising rules for the gambling industry: now you can’t talk about bonuses and other types of player incentives in advertisements. But there is a nice exception: everyone can’t, but on their own websites and apps you can!  Read all the specifics of gambling regulation in the different states of Canada in our Review!

But here is an interesting legal precedent in Germany: the player was able to sue the online casino 12 thousand euros.  And all because the casino was not registered in Germany but in Malta. If you don’t want to be licensed, you have to pay! The new German gambling law came into effect almost a year ago on 1 July 2021.  One of the provisions in the new law prohibited operators from using affiliate links or paying affiliates a percentage of their revenue.  In essence, it is a complete ban on affiliate marketing in the gambling sphere. However, you still have to work, and in our review “How to drive traffic to online casinos in Germany?” we tell you all about it.

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