Audience engagement on Odnoklassniki grows rapidly

Publication date: 04 Sep 2019

Audience engagement on Odnoklassniki grew by 64%
Over the last year, audience engagement on news feed increased more than 1.5 times: the number of daily likes and other reactions grew by 64%.
The growth was due to facial recognition technology and smart news feed’s new algorithms based on machine learning which assess viral potential of content and take into account personal preferences of users.
With the new technologies, content spreads faster and gets more feedback within a short period of time.
Smart news feed takes into account whether friends of a user are interested in content which the user “likes” or “reacts” to. Those friends who do not “react” to the content will be shown less of it.
Another reason for the growth in engagement is tags in photos made with facial recognition technology. The service recognizes and offers to tag up to 2000 users a second at peak times: a photo can appear on news feeds of not only its author’s friends but also friends of a person who is tagged in it.

Tatar interface language is now available on Odnoklassniki
The social network has been localized in the 16th language: its desktop interface is now available in Tatar. The mobile version of Odnoklassniki as well as the applications for Android and iOS will be localized in the nearest future.
Over 80,000 words were translated in Tatar, and now users can receive all notifications from Odnoklassniki, including email notifications, in Tatar.
Odnoklassniki is the sixth most popular online resource in Tatarstan with 1.3 million monthly unique users. Almost every third citizen of the republic visits the social network.
The core of the audience is users aged 25-45 years who constitute half of all users in Tatarstan. The most popular video content is music videos, videos for kids, and funny videos. Since the beginning of 2019, over 3 billion video views, including views of streams in OK Live app, have come from Tatar users. Odnoklassniki has over 4,000 communities and groups in Tatar.

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