Trends and predictions from 3SNET: we’re ready for 2023!

Publication date: 17 Jan 2023

The year of 2022 has been a challenging and pivotal one for some, and a year of opportunity, prosperity and explosive growth for others. Either way, the affiliate market has survived and continues to evolve, with new chips, trends and opportunities emerging to promote gambling and betting. Let’s take a look at what exactly could affect affiliates earning high income in 2023.

The GEO + good product combination

Not new but one of the main trends to make good money is choosing the right GEOs and a successful product that can be offered to users. To get a better understanding of the intricacies of each GEO (laws, advertising rules, blocking features, attracting the target audience), search and read on 3S.INFO Reviews “How to Promote Betting and Gambling”.

Choosing the GEOs that convert well

3SNET expert Alex Miller highlighted some interesting trends that surprised us in 2022:

  • Among Latin American countries, Brazil has simply kicked off 2022! Huge paying audience, and a poorly regulated and controlled market.
  • The USA is a new GEO, which seemed challenging at first, but there appeared to be excellent betting and gambling products. Local eSports competitions, combined with ASO and PPC sources, showed themselves well.
  • Turkey has surprised strongly on betting. There are good advertisers, ancaps and conversion.
  • In 2022, India has NOT been strengthened. Unfortunately, they are trying to send a lot of fraud traffic to India, which is a big hindrance to operations. Nevertheless, the market potential remains.
  • Among African countries, betting in Zambia has performed well. However, it needs a lot of testing to be super cheap driven.

Where to direct traffic in 2023?

By analyzing the data, it is possible to understand where to bet in 2023:

  • The trend with Brazil is likely to continue, this GEO will be as active as possible for at least a year. Among the other LATAM countries, Chile and Peru will stand out: they represent a young market with great potential, with money and an inexpensive barrier to entry. We are also betting on Argentina and Mexico, although these markets are still unstable due to payment failures. Let’s hope things get better in 2023!
  • In the US, gambling is regulated at the state level. The 2022 has shown that legal gambling and betting brings good money not only into the operators’ pockets, but also into the government’s budget. Consequently, more and more states are opening legal casinos and betting shops. This means that in 2023, the American gambling and betting market will expand significantly, the audience is growing along with the high converting opportunities!
  • In Poland, with the advent of high-quality products, gambling is actively starting to grow. FB apps are converting moderately, with ASO it’s much better! Contact managers to find specific brands!
  • In Romania and Croatia, betting has shown good results in 2022. We expect new products in these GEOs in 2023.
  • Portugal is a new and fresh GEO which got off to a good start in 2022. Both sports betting and pure gambling are doing well here.
  • Moving on to Asia! It’s a good time to start exploring Malaysia and Thailand, we also see good prospects in Korea and Japan. Don’t forget that the Asian segment of gambling and betting also includes some of the CIS countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Our prediction is that it will be in 2023 that the major players in the offline market will finally move online.

Where to find an audience in 2023?

The gambling market is strongly influenced by official prohibition and blocking of Internet resources. As a consequence, the audience is becoming more and more advanced: most users are aware of how to use bypass services.

Yet, for some part of the audience, the lack of quick and easy access to their favorite social network results in users “moving” to a platform with similar functionality. Against this background, local services are developing. For instance, Renren Network, Sina Weibo and Qzone in China, Studiverzeichnis in Germany, Mixi in Japan, and Cyworld in South Korea. In Russia, ЯRUS, Freegram, Looky, Zombler, You, Online, Flow! These social networks and messengers may not be popular enough at the moment and many people are new to many people. Nonetheless, it is worth paying attention to them beforehand! At least because local services may receive state support, as it happens in Russia. It is planned that by 2030, thanks to the efforts of the state and investors, the audience of Russian messengers and social networks will increase by 25%.

And there is another trend of 2022 which has arisen because of blockades. Many services (YouTube, Twitch) have blocked/banned video streaming related to gambling. In response to this, the short video format (Reels, Shorts) has rapidly become a working option.

If you feel like your source is missing its target audience, just look elsewhere!

How are the new laws affecting gambling?

In 2022, a growing number of countries are actively developing new laws to regulate gambling. Read more about how legislation affects the market and What gambling and betting laws will be introduced in 2023?

What’s in store for the affiliate market in 2023?

Now, let’s take a look at the most important part! What’s in store for the affiliate market in 2023, what to prepare for, and things to focus on. Alex Miller, a 3SNET expert, answers!

What payment models will be trending? CPA qualification will be increasingly complex and possibly even dynamic. There may also be mandatory verification even in offshore and scripted products in 2023.

As traffic sources with poorly controlled volumes become more mainstream, test volumes will increase. Even now traditional 10-20 deposits per test remain only for SEO traffic, while test volumes for apps have grown to 50-100.

Which games and sports will be popular? In 2022, plenty of media buyers and SEOs promoted by the name of specific slots: Crash, Aviator, Bananza. It makes sense that in the new year of 2023, affiliates will continue to attract audiences to specific slots or sporting events. Therefore, advertisers need to have good landings for each in-demand product or event for the best conversion rate.

In 2023, fantasy sports betting is likely to enter the mass bookmaker segment. We are very much looking forward to the expansion of the affiliate market with a new direction of fantasy sports.

What will happen with payment schemes and payments? First of all, an important trend for advertisers. Networks and partners will not waste time and money promoting crude products. It is essential that payments for initial top-ups are at least 70% working, for repeat top-ups at least 95% working.
Cryptocurrencies as a payment method continue to evolve. Meanwhile, crypto is attracting more and more attention from official authorities in various countries, and they are trying to control it, which could hinder its mass use in the future.

Total online immersion. In 2022, bookmakers have started to make the most of online streaming on websites and apps. The development of these services helped the business survive a period of quarantine due to COVID-19, when viewers could not attend events face-to-face. Fans appreciated the broadcasts, which for the most part were free: you could cheer on your favorite team and place bets from the comfort of your own home. Most likely, as 3SNET expert Alex Miller specifies, bookmakers will keep on developing this trend. Hence, get ready to focus on stimulating impulse betting: creatives with a focus on the ‘here and now’, finding an audience of online fans in fan communities, accounts of famous athletes, and online merchandise shops.

May 2023 be a year of peace and kindness for everyone, and let’s earn the rest together with 3SNET!

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