Telegram 2023: +3 another useful updates

Publication date: 26 Apr 2023

At the end of April 2023, Telegram added new features for easy promotion: the ability to share chat selections, use web apps, and more.

Telegram chats: shared folders, new wallpaper

Users can quickly share dozens of chats at once: invite to groups or send a selection. To do so, create an invitation link for chat folders. Once received, recipients can add a folder to themselves and join all chats in it with a single tap.

For each folder you can create multiple links with a unique name, giving you access to different sets of chats.

Any public chats and private groups and channels you have administrator rights to invite other users can be added to folders.

You can create a folder in the Settings menu: select “Chat Folders”.

  • A minor but welcome update: you can now use your favourite photos or colour combinations as wallpaper for individual chats. The person you are chatting with can view the new wallpaper, set the same wallpaper or choose a different one. You can set your own wallpaper in an application: for Android select “Set wallpaper” in the top panel of the chat, for iOS – open the user profile and click “Change wallpaper”.

Bots in Telegram: launching a web app

With Telegram bots, you can now launch a web app with easy access to services or tools.

  • If the bot supports this feature, the web app will be accessible by a direct link or by mentioning the bot’s name in any chat on Telegram.
  • Web applications launched from a group can now offer participants a collaboration mode.

Telegram messaging: interface improvements

In small groups with topics, you can now see when your messages have been read by other participants.

You can delay sending a message until the recipient is online: just press the send button.

When creating a group, you can first make all the settings and secure important messages before adding members to the group.

Stay tuned at 3S.INFO: the Telegram specialists are already working on new improvements!

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