Russian eSports players won an international tournament together with Pari Match betting company

Publication date: 28 Oct 2021

The International 10 eSports tournament was won by the Russian Team Spirit. The Dota 2 match was held in Bucharest from 7 to 17 October without spectators. More than 1 million viewers from all over the world watched the final of the event online.

The victory was called a sensational one: after the qualifying matches Team Spirit found themselves at the lower part of the tournament bracket. But first it was a 2-0 victory against the defending two-time tournament champion as the European OG member, which was followed by a surprise win in the semi-finals against the experienced Team Secret.

As a result, the Russian team was up against PSG.LGD from China and won 3-2 in a grueling battle.

The total prize pool was $40 million. The winners received $18.2 million for first place, the biggest prize in the history of the tournament.

Team Spirit players told us where they would spend the prize money:

  • Ilya Yatoro Mulyarchuk: “I’ll buy a house for my cat and possibly a homestead.
  • Alexander TorontoTokyo Hertek: “I will buy a flat for my little sister, as promised. She’s 11 years old, and we had a face-to-face conversation. I said I would buy a flat in the centre of Moscow”.
  • Miroslaw Kolpakov: “I’ll probably buy myself a housing too. And a car for my father as well”.
  • Mohammed Collapse Halilov: “I don’t know. I have everything I need; I don’t need anything yet. 

Team Spirit’s title partner is Pari Match betting company. A renewed agreement was signed in February 2021. The Parimatch logo will now be placed on the back, front and sleeves of the Dota 2 and CS:GO team uniforms. As part of the agreement, Parimatch will gain the right to use the athletes’ images in marketing communications.

“Team Spirit is a kind of mascot for us. Together with the club, we’ve been through a lot, including a complete change of rosters for Dota 2. The main thing we appreciate is the focus on the result. For this team, sporting achievements are more important than media success, and we respect that approach,” said Stepan Shulga, the head of Esports Parimatch.

For Parimatch holding company, the development of cyber sports is a priority, which is reflected in the company’s main product, mobile apps, specialized promotions and prize draws for eSports fans. In addition to partnerships with renowned eSports clubs, Parimatch supports amateur tournaments, organizes its own professional leagues and creates content for the eSports community on social media.

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