Advertising on Facebook and in WhatsApp gets more convenient

Publication date: 29 Jul 2019

Facebook expands search ads availability

Facebook has allowed more advertisers to buy ads in search results. The placement has been in testing since last December and was initially available only to a selected number of businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

What are ads in Facebook search results?

  • «Facebook search» is an additional placement option when creating newsfeed campaigns. That means businesses cannot place ads in Facebook search results without also placing them in the news feed.
  • Facebook search ads, like newsfeed ads, are labeled with a “Sponsored” tag.
  • Search ads can appear either as a static image or in a carousel format.
  • Unlike Google ads, there is no option to target specific keywords or phrases with Facebook search ads.
  • When a business places an ad in search results, it will show up for search queries related to the business’s offerings.

WhatsApp desktop version to become easier to use

WhatsApp is working on a desktop version of the messenger that would allow users to use the app on a PC without having an active account on their smartphone. The update is currently under development, and the launch date is unknown.

Currently, if users need to log in to their WhatsApp account on the desktop or in a browser, they are required to scan a QR code on their PC screen with their phone. Moreover, the desktop version stops running if the phone is turned off. 

Twitter’s monetizable audience grows

Twitter reached an average of 139 million monetizable daily active users (mDAUs) in the second quarter, compared to 122 million in the same period of the previous year. The metric measures only users exposed on a daily basis to advertising on the site and exclude those who access Twitter via aggregating sites like TweetDeck. In the first quarter, Twitter had 134 million mDAUs.

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