In-game ads perceived positively

Publication date: 27 Nov 2019

Facebook has told marketers about gaming industry trends that will dominate in 2020.

Now users have more tolerance for in-game advertising. Three out of four mobile gamers have a positive opinion of advertising understanding that it allows them to play games for free.

At the same time, gamers would like to get a wider variety of ads: 73% of respondents are dissatisfied with the fact that they see the same ads over and over again.

Gamers have a more positive opinion of advertising if they are offered free rewards, like coins or boosters, in exchange for watching ads.

The most popular ad format is rewarded video ads. According to Facebook, 79% of gaming app developers using a hybrid monetization model choose this format.

Some users are also ready to pay for subscription (Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass) to play games without watching ads or making in-game purchases.

In-game advertising is seen as an effective tool by the majority of developers:

  • 57% believe in-app ads can improve player retention without detracting from the game experience.
  • 55% think the combination of in-app ads and in-app purchases is the most effective for monetization.

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