Improvements from Google, myTarget, Yandex and VKontakte
Улучшения от Google, myTarget, Яндекса и ВКонтакте

Publication date: 11 Sep 2018

Googlе wants to opt out of URLs

The team of Google Chrome browser engineers is developing a new way of identifying websites instead of the traditional URL. Google representatives consider the URL technology to be unsafe and obsolete, as some smartphones support another site designation system, and hackers can steal information precisely because of weaknesses in this technology.

myTarget will manage 50 accounts at once

myTarget allowed to link up to 50 additional accounts to the advertising cabinet and manage all from a single window. It is enough to write to the support service of the advertising platform, to become the owner of multi-accounts. Once the application is processed, you can see the control unit in the advertisement cabinet. You will be able to switch between the linked accounts in just one click, using it..
The innovation is designed to make life easier for advertisers who work with myTarget at once with several campaigns for different brands. Multi-accounts will also help in the event when advertising campaigns are conducted simultaneously by several media players.

VKontakte added “Schedule of impressions” and statistics of the action button

The social network has added the ability to configure time targeting, using the new feature, “Schedule of impressions.” Now you can choose the days and hours when your ad will be active. The innovation is designed to improve the effectiveness of promotion and help to save the advertising budget.
The new feature “Statistics of action button” will let you know how often the subscribers of the community use the action button. The graph of the clicks can be found in the “Activity” tab in the statistics of the group or public page. Statistics will show whether the correct action is selected for the Community Home button.

According to experts, the social network VKontakte is the most popular among young people.

Yandex will improve manual control with optimization in networks

Yandex.Direct improved the strategy of “Manual control” in the Yandex advertising network. The main goal of the innovation is to maximize the cost of useful actions on thematic sites. With the help of a novelty called “Manual control with optimization in networks” you can maximize the number of conversions. The system will lower advertisers’ rates for clicks with a low probability of conversion and accordingly raise for those with a higher probability. The changes will take effect in two weeks.

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