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Publication date: 30 Apr 2018

Instagram: no excess friends

Instagram began to test the function of excluding individual users from the feed. Also, the social network plans to add the ability to send responses to user history and view the Stories archive as a calendar. In addition, there appeared Slow-mo among the modes of video recording.

Google: Audio content is searchable

Google has detailed the company’s plans for prioritizing sound in the same way as text, images and video. One of the ways that Google plans to make audio content more searchable is to include the metadata of the podcast in the search results.

This means that in addition to the podcasts displayed when searching by name, metadata will also return in the results when searching for topics or people.

In the future, when audio content is indexed as text, it can form a completely new category around itself for marketers – audio SEO. If this happens, it will open the way for new forms of audio content in general: versions of articles in words or short sound clips that answer specific questions.

And it turns out that Google estimates content on any resource, based only on the quality of the pages being scanned. In other words, there are no tags nofollow and noindex for algorithms.

Snapchat: New ad format

We all know about the Snapchat function called “Lenses”. It works with the help of face recognition technology and is launched in real time. But now the funny “decoration” for your selfie has acquired a new meaning. Snapchat has developed a new feature. It gives advertisers the opportunity to sell products with lenses based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which users can add to a photo or video.

When Snapchat users add lenses to their photos / videos, a button will appear that can lead to any URL to the choice of the advertiser. When the user clicks the Shop Now button, it’s easy to go to the product page without leaving the application.

Yandex: new stencil and changes in terms of advertising

Yandex.Direct started testing a new stencil – ads with price cards. In addition, users are planning to open logs. The trick is that you can track changes in campaigns and analyze their impact on the effectiveness of advertising in general. Plus, there will be even more attribution models.

And Yandex.Zen changes the terms of advertising. Now the service analyzes the content and disables the ad units in the materials that fall under the following limitations:

  • The user spends less than 40 seconds on the page;
  • the publication describes violence, terrorist activities, disasters, hostilities and other topics of a similar nature;
  • publications violate the rules of service.

YouTube: New tools for monetizing video content

YouTube is preparing to launch new tools to help its creators make money on video. These changes arose in connection with the authors’ complaints about the new monetization policy on the platform.

YouTube announced that they are starting to test an experimental tool this month. The new system will allow the creators to reveal the essence of the video at the time of uploading the video. In fact, this system will rely on self-disclosure of content information, which will then be counted as another signal for YouTube algorithms.

Since not all videos will meet the new requirement for joining the affiliate program, and not all are completely safe, YouTube plans to develop alternative ways to earn money on video.

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