Why predictions do not work anymore, or how to attract the right bettor

Publication date: 16 May 2019

Quality of traffic is what really matters in traffic arbitrage and betting. The advertiser is willing to pay only for the audience which (s)he can generate income with. The webmaster, therefore, has to not just send visitors to the website in bulk but work with almost surgical precision. How can you attract the right bettor to the betting site?

Let’s start by listing the fundamental truths:

  1. The advertiser wants to get quality traffic and pay for bettors whose actions on the website (s)he can profit from.
  2. To get the right bettor you need to target the audience as accurately as possible.

Let’s define what your target audience can be and talk about their behavior. All bettors can be divided into two groups, each of which has its own characteristics.

Class B bettor:

  • the goal is to earn money;
  • knows nothing or almost nothing about sport;
  • bets from time to time;
  • has a negative attitude: if the bettor relies on betting predictions (especially paid ones), (s)he gets very upset in case of a losing bet that affects returning visits and future bets.

What does the bookmaker get in case of betting predictions traffic? Watching a game has never been the goal for these users. They want nothing other than to make money; they will be betting on whatever kind of sport or team.

But it happens quite often that bets lose; these bettors quit after a failure or two and start holding personal animus toward the brand. Most of them can place test bets with a sum that is lower than the required under the offer’s KPI.

Class A bettor:

  • the goal is to enjoy the game, to cheer for the team;
  • knows a lot about sport and used to take part or now takes part in some kind of sport;
  • bets on a regular basis;
  • has a positive attitude: the bettor makes decisions on his/her own (when to bet and whom to bet on) and is likely to blame a losing bet on a poor betting strategy or simply a lack of luck.

The advertiser wants to get enthusiastic bettors who cheer for their team, like sporting events, watch games, and, therefore, bet on a regular basis. Even if their team has not won this time, the bettors will continue watching games, cheering for their team, and betting.

Which bettors are bookmakers most interested in? In those who make a bet or two, then quit, and start looking for other easy ways to get money? Or maybe in those who are really into sport, and several losses will not stop them from cheering for their team (that means betting)? The answer is obvious: class A bettors.

So, now we know what type of bettors bookmakers would like to see on their sites. How can you attract this particular type?

  1. Provide good content. Bettors know what is what in sport and understand what kind of event will be taking place. It is important to them to experience emotions. Most bookmakers provide various promo materials for major sporting events.
  2. Good service matters. You can focus on the bookmaker’s reputation: accurate calculations, easy deposit and withdrawal of money.
  3. Target your ads or work with your own subscriber base.

May all your campaigns bring profit!

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